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Free Roblox hair - our favourite cuts and styles

After a new Roblox hairstyle? Well, we've got you covered. Stay unique, pick up some free Roblox hair, and make your avatar stand out from that blocky crowd

Custom image for free Roblox hair guide with a character with purple hair

Are you looking for free Roblox hair? We’ve got you covered. Our guide to all the complimentary styles has everything you need to know to give a bit of flare to your blocky avatar. From long-flowing manes to short punky styles, we’ve got a little something for everyone, and you can check it out below.

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Our favourite free Roblox hair

The Belle of Belfast hairstyle as part of our free Roblox hair guide.

Belle of Belfast

This beautiful long red hairstyle is reminiscent of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We recommend this free Roblox hair if you’re feeling a little fancy, or have a ball to go to in a grand castle.

Pick up the style right here.

A lavender updo, as part of our free Roblox hair guide

Lavender updo

This cut will make you stand out from the crowd. When you need a break from your basic brown and blonde styles, chuck this free Roblox hair on your avatar’s noggin.

Get the look here.

An orange beanie with black hair, as part of our free Roblox hair guide.

Orange beanie with black hair

This casual look works wonders if you’ve just jumped out of bed and don’t want to style your hair, or if you want to look effortless while you game.

Grab the style here.

Some colourful braids, as part of our free Roblox hair guide.

Colorful braids

With loads of colourful beads and a slick bun, it’s hard not to love these braids. Wear this free Roblox hair for any occasion you like.

Cop the look right here.

Straight blonde hair, as part of our free Roblox hair guide

Straight blonde hair

Straight blonde hair works for many scenarios. Going on a date? Straight blonde hair. Taking a trip to the mall? Straight blonde hair. Fighting bad guys in an anime simulator? Straight blonde free Roblox hair. Heck yeah.

Get it here.

Basic brown hair, as part of our free Roblox hair guide

Brown hair

With thick sideburns and gorgeous highlights, this basic brown style will make you look approachable and suave.

Pick up the style right here.

Cool blue hair, as part of our free Roblox hair guide

True blue hair

If brown hair doesn’t tickle your fancy, we recommend trying out this blue free Roblox hair instead. This style will definitely help you stand out.

Here’s where to grab the item.

Hair with shaved sides, as part of our free Roblox hair guide

Cool side shave

This hairstyle has some volume on top and very cool shaved sides. We recommend wearing it to a virtual concert or other hip events.

Cop the look right here.

Blonde spiked hair, as part of our free Roblox hair guide

Blonde spiked hair

We’ve seen brown and blue hair options, but maybe you just want to see if blondes have more fun. Well, now you can with the blonde spiked hairstyle.

Grab the style here.

Brown wavy hair, as part of our free Roblox hair guide

Pal hair

We can imagine a cool surfer dude in this hairstyle. Chuck it on your avatar and head into a beachy game now.

Get the look here.

And those are all of our favourite free Roblox hair items. We recommend also checking out our Roblox slender guide to customise your avatar further.