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Genshin Impact khvarena

The Genshin Impact khvarena are integral to exploring Sumeru’s desert, so let’s take a look at what that means and how we can use them.

a glowing green orb of Genshin Impact Khvarena found in a cave

Sumeru seems to stretch on and on across Teyvat, and, as we continue to explore the scorching sands, we’ve discovered another new type of helpful floating friend – the Genshin Impact khvarena – that we need to interact with to fully unlock the Girdle of the Sands. In this guide, we go through what the khvarena are, what they can do, and what the mysterious Sorush joins us on our mission for.

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What is the Genshin Impact khvarena?

The khvarena, according to Sorush, relate to the ancient divine bird Simurgh. The bird is the master of the khvarena, and legend has it that she created them when she split into ‘infinite motes’ after her sacrifice to save Sumeru and quell the calamitous events hundreds of years ago.

We’re introduced to the khvarena and their uses very quickly in Sumeru’s new quest, and the first thing we use them for is to break the grey crystals (though they have more of a purple hue).

From there, as we move further in the world quest, we discover more abilities and puzzles that we need the khvarena for. Usually, you can spot them easily as they’re bright green floating objects, but sometimes they’re hidden inside a rock. Think of them a little like Breath of the Wild’s Koroks – you’ve gotta hunt them down before you use them to solve a puzzle.

Genshin Impact khvarena inside a rock, next to a glowing grey boulder

What is Genshin Impact’s Sorush?

Using the Khvarena’s powers involves releasing or finding them, or you can use Sorush to help. Sorush is a floating, red, bird-like creature that comes with the version 3.6 world quest. She’s a Pari that joins the Traveler much to her digress and tells us of the history behind the Khvarena.

Sorush counts as a gadget and you can activate her with the R2 or E buttons, like all other nifty Genshin gadgets. This places you in her perspective, allowing you to take control of her and use whichever ability you need in a specific place or puzzle. There are some things to look out for – wooden, round, almost doorway-like objects with glowing green energy can grant the power of khvarena, which you need to collect.

Our new friend Sorush has a wide variety of different abilities for us to use in Sumeru’s desert. She destroys those new orange crystal deposits, cleanses the purple mist that looks a bit like ley line openings, and she can even give you a shield in some situations. These abilities are all tied to whichever puzzle or area you come up against.

How do I get the Genshin Impact Sorush gadget?

We get to use Sorush as a gadget simply by starting the quest tied to the Girdle of the Desert area – The Khvarena of Good and Evil. This leads you to speak to a man in the desert, and, after you fight him, Sorush pops up and introduces herself. From there, she leads you into the desert and becomes an equippable floating gadget in your inventory.

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