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Genshin Impact Skirk release date speculation, lore, and more

Finally, Genshin Impact’s Skirk appears in the game - but who is this mysterious master and can we expect her to be a playable character?

Genshin Impact's Skirk on a celestial purple background, wearing a feather in her hair

The third installment of Fontaine’s archon quest is here, and boy, is it a rollercoaster ride. If you haven’t played it, we suggest you stop reading this guide about Genshin Impact’s Skirk, as it holds some spoilers for the main story. However, for those of you who do want to know more, here’s some key information about the abyss-dweller, including her relation to the All-Devouring Narwhal and Childe.

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Will Skirk be a playable character?

Based on Skirk’s in-game model, she appears to be a playable character in an upcoming Genshin Impact update. There are currently no reliable leaks or in-game clues as to when she may release or what makes up her build, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled – so keep checking this page to find out more in the future.

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Who is Genshin Impact’s Skirk?

We first heard of Skirk quite a while ago, when Genshin Impact’s Childe came out. His story is that he fell into the abyss when he was young, and met Skirk, who acted as his master and trained him – this includes teaching him how to use the Foul Legacy.

Childe’s character story tells us she can beat him up easily, so she must be incredibly powerful. We now see this in the game, too – she just eliminates a wild, huge, intergalactic beast that was about to devour the entirety of Fontaine with one fell swoop, and also throws Childe through the air with a flick of her wrist.

After speaking to Neuvillette and the Traveler in the Primordial Sea, Skirk promises to find new information about the Descenders and their part in Teyvat’s future and pass any discoveries on through Childe. This may mean that he’s to be held in the abyss again until Skirk sends him back.

In terms of what we know of Skirk’s build, we see her wielding a sword, and she uses the girl model in the game similar to the likes of Keqing and Ganyu which indicates she’ll be a playable character in the future.

Her voice actors are Cat Protano in English, Xie Ying in Chinese, and Noto Mamiko in the Japanese version of the game.

Genshin Impact Skirk wearing a purple outfit against a dark night sky

Who is Surtalogi?

As it turns out, even masters need masters, and Skirk is a disciple of Surtalogi, also known as The Foul. He is a being similar to the Genshin Impact Hexenzirkel’s Rhinedottir – Albedo’s creator – who pursues perfection. That pesky All-Devouring Narwhal? It’s his pet.

Surtalogi is another Norse name brought into Genshin – it’s the name of the sword held by Surtr. What this could mean in terms of the character, we’re not quite sure yet, as both Mondstadt and Khaenri’ah use Norse names as well, so there doesn’t seem to be a specific link.

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