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All Zenless Zone Zero characters so far

Let's take a look at the Zenless Zone Zero characters in Hoyoverse's exciting upcoming action adventure game bursting with intriguing individuals.

Zenless Zone Zero characters Nicole, Anby, and Billy

There are plenty of intriguing Zenless Zone Zero characters to meet in Hoyoverse’s exciting, upcoming game, with more popping up all the time. So, to keep you up to date as you prepare to dive into this urban fantasy ARPG, we’ve gathered all the intel on every ZZZ character we’ve met so far.

We’ll update this guide whenever we find out more, so be sure to keep checking back in the lead-up to the Zenless Zone Zero release date. We also have plenty of content covering Hoyoverse’s other existing titles, including our Honkai Star Rail tier list and Genshin Impact tier list.

Here are all of the Zenless Zone Zero characters we’ve seen so far:

Zenless Zone Zero characters - the two proxies standing next to a pile of TVs

ZZZ Proxies

‘Behind seemingly peaceful streets, Proxies operate in a warped reality.’

A group called The Proxies plays an extremely important role in New Eridu. And, as Hoyoverse invites you to ‘live dual identities, two opposing personas’, you, the player, take the role of a proxy in this exciting new world.

Firstly, what does proxy mean? Well, outside of ZZZ, a proxy is an individual with the authority to represent someone else and is usually a term used in voting. As such, proxies are people in the ‘real world’ who control Bangboo in order to help clients navigate the warped reality known as the Hollows.

The young man, Wise, and woman, Belle, are the Zenless Zone Zero Proxies and they’re similar in some way to the Genshin Impact Traveler and Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer. You get to choose either the male or female character to traverse the town with, then take control of the other ZZZ characters from the different factions in the warped reality.

Zenless Zone Zero characters - four different members of Gentle House against a purple background

Gentle House aka Cunning Hares

Gentle House, aka Cunning Hares, is the faction that gets the most screen time in promos and trailers, and is featured heavily at the start of the second beta. Described as the Odd-Job Agency, Gentle House’s emblem shows a grinning pink bunny surrounded by stars.

Here’s what we know about the members so far. If you’d like to know more about each of them and see them in action, we’ve linked the full builds (including gameplay showcase videos) below.

Anby Demera

Zenless Zone Zero Anby‘s age and past are a mystery. She was accidentally taken in by Nicole, and ended up joining Gentle House, gradually growing into a strong and trustworthy companion. She’s known for her advanced combat abilities and has a deep love for movies, but is also seen as the codependent ‘baby bird’ of the group.

Nicole Demara

A tall, pink-haired woman with golden eyes and white and black clothing. Zenless Zone Zero’s Nicole is the one who brought Anby under her wing and into the Cunning Hares. She’s seen carrying a briefcase that transforms into a weapon during battle.

Billy Kid

Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy is a mysterious robot in a human disguise. He sports red clothes, a black faceplate with glowing, gold eyes, and spiky white hair. Billy wields dual pistols and has a sharp eye for shooting.

Nekomiya Mana

Nekomiya Mana, better known as Zenless Zone Zero’s Nekomata, wears black and red clothes and has black and white cat ears and a tail. She appears to fill a rogue role, as she moves around at great speeds, attacking her enemies with a flurry of blades.

Zenless Zone Zero characters - the members of Belobog Industries against a yellow background

Belobog Industries

Belobog Industries emblem is a roaring bear wearing a hard hat. This ties in with the industrial theme shown in the members’ clothes, who are all wearing white jumpsuits with caution tape accents, and wielding weapons that look like tools, such as drills. In the beta, we learned that they are indeed involved in construction work, and deploy a whole host of robotic friends to help them out.

You may recognize the name Belobog from Honkai Star Rail, but in our Zenless Zone Zero interview, the producer tells us this is a coincidence. If you’d like to know more about each of them and see them in action, we’ve linked the full builds (including gameplay showcase videos) below.

Anton Ivanov

Zenless Zone Zero’s Anton is a tall man with cool red and black spiky hair, a caution tape-style headband, and a jacket over his shoulders. He wields an arm-mounted drill.

Koleda Belobog

A short, red-haired woman, described as ‘small but sweet’. This fiery lady wields what appears to be a hammer-drill hybrid. We have a guide with plenty more information on Zenless Zone Zero’s Koleda right here.

Ben Bigger

Zenless Zone Zero’s Ben is a huge, hulking bear with a scar over his eye, a gold chain, and sharp fangs, wielding a large hunk of metal that seems to be a cross between a construction hammer drill and a minigun or rocket launcher.

Grace Howard

A dark-haired girl with a genuinely caring nature who is intelligent, rational, and also very elegant. Zenless Zone Zero’s Grace has some official art that shows her wielding a gun with orange accents on it.

Zenless Zone Zero characters - Victoria Housekeeping members against a grey background

Victoria Housekeeping

Victoria Housekeeping Co. consists of characters dressed in costumes that make them look the part of traditional, Victorian butlers and maids. They offer their housekeeping services for a fee, but they don’t just clean homes – they clean Hollows too.

If you’d like to know more about each of them and see them in action, we’ve linked the full builds (including gameplay showcase videos) below.

Corin Wickes

In fitting with the name of the faction Zenless Zone Zero’s Corin fits into, she wears a classic, black and white maid’s dress, accompanied by shackles on her wrists, chains around her waist, and a cute, teddy bear backpack.

Von Lycaon

Zenless Zone Zero’s Lycaon is some kind of animal-human hybrid, with white fur and a butler’s outfit, complete with golden knuckle dusters and a mask.

Alexandrina Sebastiane

Zenless Zone Zero’s Alexandrina or Rina for short appears to be followed by some strange little mechanical ghosts. Other characters note how elegant she is and mention she’s a wonderful cook.

Ellen Joe

A young girl with a sleek shark-like tail and a weapon that looks like a gun. Zenless Zone Zero’s Ellen is a fan of the simple things in life and likes taking a break from work whenever she can.

Zenless Zone Zero characters - the members of Section 6 against a blue background

Section 6

Here’s what we know about the two characters Hoyoverse has shown from Section 6. Soukaku appeared in the second closed beta, but Miyabi isn’t available. Additionally, we got a peek at a lady with long, pink hair and glasses, and a ninja-like man wielding a bow in the pre-launch Zenless Zone Zero livestream, though we don’t know anything else about these two yet.

If you’d like to know more about Miyabi and Soukaku, we’ve linked their full builds below.


The first character in this faction is an oni-like character, with blue skin, white hair, horns, and ears. Zenless Zone Zero’s Soukaku wears a mask that reminds us of Genshin Impact’s Xiao and wields what appears to be some kind of shovel, banner, or fan atop a pole.

Hoshimi Miyabi

The other is Zenless Zone Zero’s Miyabi, who appears as a kitsune-girl character, with large, black fox ears. She has glowing, red eyes and wears a dark blue kimono while wielding a huge, glowing katana.

Zenless Zone Zero characters - Soldier 11 looking to the right of the screen

OBOL Squad

We don’t know too much about OBOL Squad right now, but we do know that Soldier 11 is a member.  If you’d like to know more about the silver-haired soldier and see her in action, we’ve linked the full builds (including gameplay showcase videos) below.

Soldier 11

This mysterious white-haired girl belongs to OBOL Squad, and she follows her orders very loyally. During the second closed beta test, we got the opportunity to fight alongside her and help her out on a mission. Check out our Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 guide to find out more about her.

YouTube Thumbnail

Criminal Investigation Special Response Team

Part of New Eridu Public Security, the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team is a new faction that first appeared on the Zenless Zone Zero website. As Hoyoverse revealed them following the second CBT, we don’t know much about the team yet, but it appears to be akin to law enforcement, with its members responsible for protecting the citizens of New Eridu and maintaining order in the city.

We think it’s likely that the uniformed guards we see patrolling Sixth Street are actually members of New Eridu Public Security, though we’re unsure whether we’ve met any members of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team itself just yet.

Currently, we only know of one member of this faction, though we did get a glimpse at a few other members in the pre-release special program (video embedded above), including a handsome guy with white animal ears and a tail, an elven-like lady with bobbed hair, and a short girl with her hair in bunches. We’ll be sure to add more info here as soon as we get it.

Zhu Yuan

Leader of New Eridu Public Security’s Criminal Investigation Special Response Team, Zhu Yuan is a hard worker who takes her job seriously and is always ready to offer a helping hand to New Eridu’s citizens. To find out more about her, check out our Zenless Zone Zero Zhu Yuan guide.

That’s everything we know about the Zenless Zone Zero characters so far. As mentioned above, we’ll update this guide when Hoyoverse announces any new information, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for more. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to keep you busy.