Zenless Zone Zero characters – robots, bears, and maids, oh my

Hoyoverse's exciting upcoming action adventure title is bursting with intriguing individuals. Let's take a look at the Zenless Zone Zero characters and factions

A group of Zenless Zone Zero characters

Welcome to New Eridu, and the exciting world of Zenless Zone Zero. Dive into the story of the last metropolis, where you can take on commissions, explore hollows with your squad, and fight through changing labyrinths as you seek the truth in your pursuit of hope, uncovering a conspiracy along the way.

There are also plenty of factions to discover along the way, each populated by a host of intriguing Zenless Zone Zero characters that each look as awesome as the last. While we may not know much about the ZZZ characters at the moment, Hoyoverse has drip-fed us crumbs of information through social media, its official site, and new trailers, as well as showcasing some exciting new footage in the TGS Hoyoverse special program. So, let’s take a look at everything we know about these powerful champs so far.

We’ll update this guide whenever Hoyoverse releases new information, so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, check out our Zenless Zone Zero release date speculations to find out when you can sink your teeth into this fresh adventure. We also have plenty of content covering Hoyoverse’s other existing and upcoming titles, including our Honkai Star Rail characters guide and Genshin Impact tier list.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the Zenless Zone Zero characters we’ve seen so far.

Zenless Zone Zero characters the Proxies

ZZZ Proxies

‘Behind seemingly peaceful streets, Proxies operate in a warped reality.’

While the information on Zenless Zone Zero is still sparse, looking at both the official website and the ZZZ trailer, we can see that a group called The Proxies play an extremely important roles in New Eridu. And, as Hoyoverse invites you to ‘live dual identities, two opposing personas’, we believe that you, the player, take the role of a proxy in this exciting new world.

Firstly, what does proxy mean? Well, outside of ZZZ, a proxy is an individual with the authority to represent someone else, and is usually a term used in voting. As such, we believe that proxies are people in the ‘real world’ who operate or control characters in the warped reality.

This leads us to believe that the young man and woman shown in the ZZZ trailer are the proxies, and that they’re similar in some way to the Genshin Impact Travelers. So, if we’re on the right track, you’ll likely get the opportunity to choose either the male or female character, then take control of the other ZZZ characters from the different factions in the warped reality.

If that’s the case, we’re still unsure as to whether all the Zenless Zone Zero characters are considered ‘proxies’, or if it’s just the main player character. We’re also unsure if the main player character has their own skills and abilities, or if you’ll be solely relying on the fighting skills of the individuals from the different factions. We’ll have to wait and see!

Zenless Zone Zero characters from Gentle House

ZZZ Gentle House

Gentle House, aka Cunning Hares, is the faction that gets the most screen time in the ZZZ trailer, and is one of the few whose logo and name is completely visible. Described as the Odd-Job Agency, Gentle House’s emblem shows a grinning pink bunny surrounded by stars. Here’s what we know about the Gentle House members so far.

  • Anby Dimera – Anby’s age and past are a mystery. She was accidentally taken in by Nicole, and ended up joining Gentle House, gradually growing into a strong and trustworthy companion. She’s known for her advanced combat abilities, and has a deep love for movies, but is also seen as the codependent ‘baby bird’ of the group.
  • Nicole or NosTradamus – a tall, pink-haired woman with golden eyes and white and black clothing. Little is known about Nicole other than her being the one who brought Anby under her wing. Due to this and her position in the foreground during the trailer, she seems to be of high standing within Gentle House. She’s seen carrying a briefcase that transforms into a weapon during battle.
  • Billy – Billy is a mysterious robot in a human disguise. He sports red clothes, a black faceplate with glowing, gold eyes, and spiky white hair. Billy wields dual pistols, and has a sharp eye for shooting.
  • Unknown cat girl – the ZZZ trailer also shows a cat girl in Gentle House, who wears black and red clothes and has black and white cat ears and a tail. While we don’t know much about this scrappy little gal, she appears to fill a rogue role, as she moves around at great speeds, attacking her enemies with a flurry of blades.
  • ‘Manager’ – at the end of the battle between Gentle House and a Hollow in the ZZZ trailer, a small, round, rabbit-like character can be seen wearing a bandana. Billy picks this squishy bunny up and manhandles it, asking ‘manager, which way should we run?’ We’re unsure whether this bunbun actually holds any kind of authority, or if it’s some kind of avatar or conduit – perhaps for the player proxy?

Zenless Zone Zero characters from B. Industries

B. Industries

While the full name of B. Industries is obscured in the trailer, we can see that the emblem is a roaring bear wearing a hardhat. This ties in with the industrial theme shown in the members’ clothes, who are all wearing white jumpsuits with caution tape accents, and wielding weapons that look like tools, such as drills. All of this leads us to believe B. Industries may be involved in construction when they’re not bashing baddies. In the trailer, we see three characters associated with B. Industries.

  • A tall man with cool red and black spiky hair, a caution tape-style headband, and a jacket over his shoulders. He wields an arm-mounted drill.
  • A short, red-haired woman, described as ‘small but sweet’. This fiery lady wields what appears to be a hammer-drill hybrid.
  • A huge, hulking bear with a scar over his eye, a gold chain, and sharp fangs, wielding a large hunk of metal that seems to be a cross between a construction hammer drill and a minigun or rocket launcher.

Zenless Zone Zero characters from Victoria House Keeping

Victoria House Keeping

This group consists of two characters in the ZZZ trailer, dressed in costumes that make them look the part of a traditional, Victorian butler and maid.

  • The main Victoria House Keeping character we see is a girl with green hair in bunches, who is accompanied by the word ‘sentimental’ – which slots into place when she appears visibly distressed and cries before attacking with a powerful weapon that looks to be a polearm with a buzz saw or circle blade at the end. In fitting with the name of her faction, she wears a classic, black and white maid’s dress, accompanied by shackles on her wrists, chains around her waist, and a cute, teddy bear backpack.
  • The other character from this faction doesn’t appear in the fight scene, but he’s shown in the Victoria House Keeping introduction. He’s some kind of animal-human hybrid, potentially a fox or a wolf, with white fur and a butler’s outfit, complete with golden knuckle dusters and some kind of mask.

Zenless Zone Zero characters, the oni and the kitsune samurai

The oni and the kitsune samurai

The final faction appears to consist of two characters as well, but we can’t see any form of name, and even the emblem is obscured. Here’s what we can gather from the trailer.

  • The first character in this faction is an oni-like character, with blue skin, white hair, horns, and ears. They wear a mask that reminds us of Genshin Impact’s Xiao, and wield what appears to be some kind of shovel, banner, or fan atop a pole.
  • The other has been named Unagi, and appears as a kitsune-girl character, with large, black fox ears. She has glowing, red eyes and wears a dark blue kimono while wielding a huge, glowing katana.

Zenless Zone Zero characters that look like squishy bunnies

Other Zenless Zone Zero characters

Naturally, the trailer mostly focuses on these butt-kicking fighters taking down monsters. However, a number of other characters make brief appearances throughout. There are a bunch of cute, squishy, bunny-like critters, similar to the one Billy calls ‘manager’ hopping around throughout.

There’s also a navy-skinned robot lady with green hair and an elegant dress, and a red-faced man with robot arms running a ramen stall. All of these characters build a wider picture of this exciting last metropolis, and we personally can’t wait to explore it.

That’s everything we know about the Zenless Zone Zero characters so far. As mentioned above, we’ll update this guide when Hoyoverse announces any new information, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for more. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to keep you busy.