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How to get Grimoire in Grimoires Era

In Roblox’s Grimoires Era your goal is to find a rare Grimoire to help you improve your stats and show off to all your friends in this anime inspired game.

Roblox avatar standing in game in Grimoires Era

If you’re keeping up to date with all the latest Roblox games, you’ll almost certainly want to know how to get Grimoire in Grimoires Era, because, like the rest of us, you’ll be obsessed with the new smash-hit experience. Of course, as this game is inspired by the anime Black Clover, it’s no surprise that getting your hands on a Grimoire is a fundamental aim.

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How do I get Grimoire in Grimoires Era?

To get a Grimoire in Grimoires Era you need to find the Wizard King’s Tower and interact with the NPC inside, who will let you spin for a new Grimoire. What Grimoire you’ll receive depends on luck, as each type has different drop rates depending on their rarity.

There are two ways that you can get to the Wizard King’s Tower in Grimoires Era, and both are hard in their own right. First of all, you can wait until you get to level 30 whereupon you’ll unlock a quest to visit the tower. All you need to do now, after being summoned by the Wizard King, is follow the big arrow that will point you in the right direction and lead you to the tower in the center of the giant forest.

Quest giver in Roblox Grimoires Era

Obviously, in order to get to this point you’ll need to grind yourself to level 30, but that actually isn’t as hard as it sounds. You just need to make sure that you complete all the quests you come across, and battle mobs too, as these both give you exp. Another good tip is to make sure you defeat Evil Old Man boss at level 20, as doing so delivers you a substantial amount of exp too, helping you to level up quickly.

The alternative way that you can get your hands on a Grimoire without getting to level 30 is to go and do some old-fashioned exploring. There’s no level barrier in Grimoires Era, meaning that you can find and access Grimoires if you can find the tower before reaching level 30. As there’s no in-game map, this is easier said than done: it’s incredibly hard to wander across the world and not get lost in the forest when you’re searching for a Grimoire. But, with enough time and effort, it is possible.

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