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Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage tier list

Our Gundam UC Engage tier list is here and ranks all the available pilots and suits in the mobile game, so you can make the strongest team there is

Gundam EC tier list: a mecha mobile suit in space against the moon

We’ve broken up our Gundam UC Engage tier list into pilots and mobile suits, as there are two pools available to pull from in the game. The brand-new Gundam game features a fresh storyline exclusive to the game, along with memorable scenes (and characters) from the franchise. Expect to see old favorites and stunning new suit designs as you auto-battle your way through the cosmos.

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Gundam UC Engage pilot tier list

Here’s our tier list ranking all the pilots in Gundam UC Engage:

Rank Gundam UC Engage pilot
S Riddhe Marcenas, Roux Louka, Io Fleming, Mashymre Cello, Jona Basta, Uso Ewin
A Chloe Croce, Aina Sakhalin, Kou Uraki, Dorel Ronah, Daryl Lorenz, Char Aznable, Banagher Links, Shiro Amada, Kamille Bidan, Amuro Ray, Gyunei Guss, Gaia
B Loni Garvey, South Burning, Karen Joshua, Terry Sanders Jr, Elle Vianno, Bernard Wiseman, Dozle Zabi, Quattro Bajeena, Cima Garahau, Jean Luc Duvall, Annamarie Bourget, Junko Jenko, Mash, Rezin Schnyder
C Oliver Inoe, Zabine Chareux, Chara Soon, Emma Sheen, Hayato Kobayashi, Glemy Toto, Mouar Pharaoh, Yonem Kirks, Fa Yuiry, Bright Noa, Akahana, Kai Shiden, Garma Zabi, Mikhail Kaminsky, Ryu Jose, Arbeo Pippiniden, Golboa Sant, Gene, Kacricon Cacooler, Kayra Su, Neuen Bitter, Franklin Bidan, Denim, Ramba Ral
D Yazan Gable, Sarah Zabairov, Reccoa Londe, Ortega, Lila Milla Rira

Gundam UC Engage mobile suit tier list

Here is how each suit ranks up in Gundam UC Engage.

Rank Gundam UC Engage mobile suit
S S Gundam, Hamma Hamma, Delta Plus, Unicorn Gundam, Gundam Full Armor
A Zaku I, Byarlant Custom, Gundam Mk-II, Gundam GP01, Re-Gz, Char’s Zaku II, Narrative Gundam, Pale Rider (space type), Gundam GP01FB, Gundam, Kampfer, Victory Gundam, Zaku I (with gun), Burga-Dalas, Rick Dais
B Ple-Two’s Quebley Mk II, Gelgoog Marine, Den’an-Gei, Xamel, Stark Jegan, Zaku I (sniper), Gouf, Gundam Mk II, Guntank, Gundam Ground Type, R-Jarja, Methuss, ReZEL, Zudah Unit 1, Gouf Custom, Efreet Schneid, Godzorla, Angelo’s Geara Zulu, Bawoo, Rezin’s Geara Doga, Gyunei’s Jagd Doga, Galluss J, Dahgri-Iris
C Capule, Early Production Gelgoog, Geara Zulu, Gaza C, Hizack, Rick Dom, GM Type C, Galbaldy Beta, Gustav Karl, Guntank Mass Production Type, GM III, GM, Geara Doga, Powered GM, Zssa, GM Command, Gun EZ, Gaza D, Marasai, ReZEL, Nemo, Acguy, Dom
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How do I perform a Gundam UC Engage reroll?

If you did your pulls and aren’t happy with your results, you can reroll your account and try again. To perform a Gundam UC Engage reroll, follow these steps:

  • Open up Gundam UC Engage
  • Play through the tutorial or you can skip it!
  • Using the free diamonds, do your pulls on the limited banner
  • Assuming you’re not happy with what you got, head to the settings menu, and quit to title screen
  • Go to the settings menu here too and select ‘Create New’

This takes you into the game on a new account so you can have another go. Good luck! If you want some more recommendations of the best free mobile games, check out all the Reverse 1999 characters, grab these Anime Adventures codes, and see when the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link release date may be.