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Hollow Knight fan animation imagines the fall of Hallownest

This Hollow Knight fan animation from Team Carambola brings together 40 different animators, to imagine every corner of the Hallownest map

Hollow Knight fan animation: a fan animation shows The False Knight from Hollow Knight lifts up a heavy object

Look, we all love Hollow Knight dearly. It’s very high up in our list of the best Metroidvanias on Nintendo Switch, and we’re practically crawling towards the Hollow Knight: Silksong release date… whenever that is. Well, good news, this amazing Hollow Knight fan animation should help to tide us all over.

Presented by Team Carombola and announced by @_Stellamarius_ on Twitter, the project is known as Empires and is a collaboration between 40 different animators taking a look at the depths of Hallownest. The full video goes live on December 23, 2022, at 8pm GMT, but you can watch the teaser video already by heading over to the clip below. However, even the brief glimpse shows off some amazing artwork, and has us incredibly excited to see so many fans’ interpretations of this captivating world.

Known as a MAP (multiple animator project), this huge project brings together notable talents like MEBI, Gise Animations, Purple Dragon, and many more. The world of Hollow Knight is a purposefully mysterious one, and it’s all the better to explore for it. Of course, that leaves fans with many questions, and sometimes it’s fun just to take bits of lore and run with them. Check out the full video when it goes live below, and Hollow Knight fans, be sure to check our guides on Hollow Knight charms, Hollow Knight Hornet, and Hollow Knight bosses while you wait.

You can watch the full Hollow Knight fan animation below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Hopefully, this helps to tide you over until we get any Silksong news (one day, surely) but if you’re diving back into Hallownest, then be sure to use our Hollow Knight mask shard and Hollow Knight pale ore guides to help you along the way.