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Honkai Impact characters - every Valkyrie and battlesuit

A complete list of every playable Honkai Impact character, all of their battlesuits, a little bit of helpful information, and an image of each Valkyrie.

A large roster of characters against the blue sky

For those of you who want to know more about the anime-style title, we created a Honkai Impact characters list to introduce you to each of the playable Valkyrie, provide some details on their backstories, and let you know what battlesuits they can utilize.

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Without any further delay, here’s our guide to every Honkai Impact character.

Honkai Impact characters - Ai Hyperion raising her finger against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Ai Hyperion Λ

Ai Hyperion Λ is described as having a cabbage-headed hairstyle, though I don’t quite see this myself. She’s a mech-type melee fighter who deals fire damage.

Ai Hyperion Λ’s battlesuits:

  • Chrono Navi

Honkai Impact's Aponia against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Aponia

Aponia, codename Discipline, is ranked three among the Thirteen Flame-Chasers, a member of Fire Moth, and a psychic MANTIS.

Aponia’s battlesuits:

  • Disciplinary Perdition

Honkai Impact's Bronya with bunny ears and two brightly colored guns

Honkai Impact’s Bronya Zaychik

Bronya is a Russian orphan who lost her family during the second Honkai War. She is a trained assassin who infiltrated St. Freya High School in the hope of saving her lost friend.

Bronya’s battlesuits:

  • Silverwing: N-EX
  • Haxxor Bunny
  • Black Nucleus
  • Dimension Breaker
  • Drive Kometa
  • Herrscher of Truth
  • Herrscher of Reason
  • Snowy Sniper
  • Valkyrie Chariot
  • Wolf’s Dawn
  • Yamabuki Armor

Honkai Impact's Carole Pepper against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Carole Pepper

Despite looking like someone who is very sure of themselves, Carole Pepper is very self-conscious about her looks. She’s a Schicksal Valkyrie and the daughter of former B-Rank Valkyrie and 2nd Eruption Veteran Lewis.

Carole Pepper’s battlesuits:

  • Sweet ‘n’ Spicy

Honkai Impact characters - Coralie with a large red weapon against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Coralie 6626 Planck

Alongside her partner Erdős Helia, Honkai Impact’s Coralie 6626 Planck is a member of the Mars exploration team. She’s also the adopted daughter of Lieserl Albert Einstein and received a doctoral degree at the age of 17.

Coralie’s battlesuits:

  • Valkyrie Blastmetal

Durandal in a brown military outfit

Honkai Impact’s Durandal

Her first name is actually Bianka, but she goes by her nickname, Durandal. She’s a mature yet gullible character who dedicated her life to the Valkyrja from a young age.

Durandal’s battlesuits:

  • Palatinus Equinox
  • Bright Knight: Excelsis
  • Dea Anchora
  • Valkyrie Gloria

Honkai Impact's Eden against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Eden

Eden, codename Gold, is ranked fourth among the Thirteen Flame-Chasers. She’s very kind and is known to give away treasure when drunk.

Eden’s battlesuits:

  • Golden Diva

Honkai Impact's Elysia reaching out toward you

Honkai Impact’s Elysia

Elysia is the first DPS to use a bow. She boards the Hyperion as a farmable S-rank battlesuit, wielding the new whisper of the past bow, and the pristine elf stigma set

Elysia’s battlesuits:

  • Miss Pink Elf♪
  • Herrscher of Human: Ego

Honkai Impact characters - Erdős Helia with two cross bows against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Erdős Helia

Honkai Impact’s Erdős Helia is a Schicksal Valkyrie who was sent on a Mars expedition with Coralie.

Erdős Helia’s battlesuits:

  • Valkyrie Boltstorm

Fischl and her raven

Honkai Impact’s Fischl

Fischl is a Genshin Impact character who travels with a night raven named Oz.

Fischl’s battlesuits:

  • Prinzessin der Verurteilung!

Fu Hua in a martial art pose

Honkai Impact’s Fu Hua

Fu Hua may look like a teenage girl; however, she is over 50,000 years old. She used to be immortal but has sadly lost some of her powers and become a normal human.

Fu Hua’s battlesuits:

  • Fenghuang of Vicissitude
  • Azure Empyrea
  • Hawk of the Fog
  • Herrscher of Sentience
  • Night Squire
  • Phoenix
  • Shadow Knight
  • Valkyrie Accipiter

Honkai Impact's Griseo against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Griseo

Griseo is a talented artist who is a PSY-type SP melee fighter who provides physical support.

Griseo’s battlesuits:

  • Starry Impression
  • Cosmic Expression

Kallen holding a gun to her waist

Honkai Impact’s Kallen Kaslana

Kallen Kaslana was a descendant of the renowned Kaslana family. She sadly died at the age of 24 in the year 1477.

Kallen’s battlesuits:

  • Ritual Imayoh
  • Sixth Serenade
  • Sündenjäger

Kiana holding two guns

Honkai Impact’s Kiana Kaslana (K-423)

K-423 is the first character you play as in Honkai Impact and is a replica that holds the DNA of Kiana Kaslana.

Kiana’s battlesuits:

  • Divine Prayer
  • Herrscher of Finality
  • Herrscher of Flamescion
  • Herrscher of the Void
  • Knight Moonbeam
  • Valkyrie Ranger
  • Void Drifter
  • White Comet

Honkai Impact characters - Lantern holding a gun above her head against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Lantern

Honkai Impact’s Tsavorae, mostly known by the name Lantern, is a member of the Seven Shus who comes from Mars. She bears the title of “Destruction”.

Lantern’s battlesuits:

  • Lone Destruction: Shadowchaser

Liliya in a blue outfit with a sword

Honkai Impact’s Liliya Olenyeva

Liliya grew up in an orphanage with Bronya, Seele, and her sister, Rozaliya. She has a modified body due to an accident from earlier in her life.

Liliya’s battlesuits:

  • Blueberry Blitz

Honkai Impact characters - Li Sushang holding two fingers up against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Li Sushang

Li Sushang is a swordswoman who was born in Shenzhou five hundred years ago. She’s obsessed with Tales of Xia: Phantasia.

Li Sushang’s battlesuits:

  • Jade Knight

Honkai Impact character - Misteln holding a purple staff against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Misteln Schariac

Misteln Schariac is one of the newest Valkyrie to join the Honkai Impact character roster.

Misteln Schariac’s battlesuits:

  • Dreamweaver

Honkai Impact's Mobius against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Mobius

Mobius is the tenth member of The Thirteen Flame Chasers, and a scientist of the Previous Era. She has the codename Infinity, and is behind the creation MANTISes and the stigmata.

Mobius’ battlesuits:

  • Infinite Ouroboros

Murata wielding a very large sword

Honkai Impact’s Murata Himeko

Murata is the former Captain of the Hyperion. She takes her job very seriously and strives to inspire her fellow comrades.

Murata’s battlesuits:

  • Arctic Kriegsmesser
  • Battle Storm
  • Blood Rose
  • Scarlet Fusion
  • Valkyrie Triumph
  • Vermillion Knight: Eclipse

Honkai Impact's Natasha against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Natasha Cioara

Natasha became a playable Valkyrie alongside Version 5.2. She’s a member of World Serpent, and is also known as Raven.

Natasha’s battlesuits:

  • Midnight Absinthe

Honkai Impact’s Pardofelis

Pardofelis, codename Reverie, is rank 13 among the Thirteen Flame-Chasers and is a member of Fire Moth. Currently, she’s a merchant in the Elysian Realm.

Pardofelis’ battlesuits:

  • Reverist Calico

Honkai Impact characters - Prometheus with her arm outstretched against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Prometheus

In Honkai Impact, Prometheus is a Previous Era super AI created by Dr Mei.

Prometheus’ battlesuits:

  • Terminal Aide 0017

Raiden in red and black armour wielding a sword

Honkai Impact’s Raiden Mei

Raiden is the daughter of the CEO of Massive Electric (ME) Corp. Due to some economic issues, her family has lost almost everything.

Raiden’s battlesuits:

  • Herrscher of Origin
  • Crimson Impulse
  • Herrscher of Thunder
  • Lightning Empress
  • Shadow Dash
  • Striker Fulminata
  • Valkyrie Bladestrike

Rita dressed as a nun wielding a scythe

Honkai Impact’s Rita Rossweisse

Rita is an S-rank Valkyrie, an efficient spy, and a caring maid. She is fairly secretive and doesn’t open up about her past to too many people.

Rita’s battlesuits:

  • Spina Astera
  • Argent Knight: Artemis
  • Fallen Rosemary
  • Stalker: Phantom Iron
  • Umbral Rose

Rozaliya in a cute pink dress wielding a sword

Honkai Impact’s Rozaliya Olenyeva

Rozaliya grew up in an orphanage with Bronya, Seele, and her sister, Liliya. Much like her twin, she has a modified body due to an accident.

Rozaliya’s battlesuits:

  • Fervent Tempo
  • Molotov Cherry

Honkai Impact’s Seele Vollerei

Seele lost both her parents at a young age and grew up in an orphanage with Bronya, Liliya, and Rozaliya. Her split personality means she is sweet one moment and dangerous the next.

Seele’s battlesuits:

  • Herrscher of Rebirth
  • Starchasm Nyx
  • Stygian Nymph
  • Swallowtail Phantasm

Honkai Impact characters - Senadina with blue cloud around her against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Senadina

In Honai Impact, Senadina is a girl with a mysterious past who originates from within the Sea of Data.

Senadina’s battlesuits:

  • Deepspace Anchor: First Light

Honkai Impact characters - Shigure Kira holding a large sword against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Shigure Kira

In Honkai Impact, Shigure Kira is an A-rank. She joined thinking it was an idol program, but, unfortunately, it turned out that the program had already ended.

Shigure’s battlesuits:

  • Sugary Starburst

Honkai Star Rail characters - Sirin with her back turned and armed raised against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Sirin

Sirin wields scissors as you would a greatsword and is the Herrscher of the Void. Her battlesuit arrived in-game alongside Honkai Impact update 6.9.

Sirin’s battlesuits:

  • Miracle Magical Girl

Honkai Impact characters - Susannah against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Susannah

Susannah is a cheerful but clumsy girl who is a B-Rank Valkyrie of Schicksal and a member of the Phosdjinns Squad.

Susannah’s battlesuits:

  • Valkyrie Quicksand

Honkai Impact characters - Thelema holding a whip above her head against a white background

Honkai Impact’s Thelema Nutriscu

Much like Lantern, Honkai Impact’s Thelema is a member of the Seven Shus and comes from Mars. She bears the title of “Pleasure”.

Thelema’s battlesuits:

  • Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer

Theresa dressed as a nun with a large cross in the background

Honkai Impact’s Theresa Apocalypse

Otto made Theresa by combining the DNA of a Honkai Beast and Kallen. Unfortunately, she didn’t quite turn out as planned and never ages past 12 years old.

Theresa’s battlesuits:

  • Celestial Hymn
  • Luna Kindred
  • Sakuno Rondo
  • Starlit Astrologos
  • Twilight Paladin
  • Valkyrie Pledge
  • Violet Executer

Honkai Impactcharacters: A woman in a pirate outfit holds her hand up and looks toward the camera

Honkai Impact’s Vill-V

Honkai Impact’s Vill-V is a chaotic Valkyrie with eight personalities in one body. She’s known to perform a magical show with turrets and chariots, as you can see in the picture above, that deal immense damage with their firepower.

Vill-V’s battlesuits:

  • Helical Contraption

Yae wielding two short swords

Honkai Impact’s Yae Sakura

Yae grew up in Yae Village, but after a barbaric ritual the village performed that resulted in her sister’s untimely death, she grew to hate her home.

Yae’s battlesuits:

  • Darkbolt Jonin
  • Flame Sakitama
  • Goushinnso Memento
  • Gyakushinn Miko

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