Nevermind SpaceX, we’re going to Mars with the Honkai Impact update

Hoyoverse reveals a world-shaking Honkai Impact update coming early next spring that refreshes combat and brings a whole new story.

Honkai Impact update: a character with brown hair and glasses looking up at the camera

It’s the Tokyo Game Show, and all your favorite studios are here to show off the latest updates and releases, including Hoyoverse. The new Honkai Impact update takes center stage in its presentation thanks to the brand new setting, and Dawei himself welcoming us to… Mars?

Continue on your journey toward distant stars when Honkai Impact part two releases its first chapter in February 2024. We’re expecting it to make as much of a splash as Genshin Impact’s Fontaine, or the Xianzhou Loufu in Honkai Star Rail.

Part two promises one small step for Hoyoverse, and one giant leap for Honkai as it leaves Earth behind and jets off into the solar system, introducing a new team supporter called the Dreamseeker.

New players and returning veterans can both easily jump into the content including new main characters, NPCs, and a robust story set on the surprisingly inhabitable Mars. On your travels, you meet partners from fresh cultures to aid you in the revamped combat system, set to enhance your experience.

The upgrades coming to the combat system look pretty snazzy – for a start, you can jump around the battlefield, aiding movement and changing your potential attack positions. There’s also the new Astral Ring mechanic that enables you to unleash multiple bursts at once, dealing plenty of damage. Opponents also get a refresh, giving them more intelligent behavior.

I may be a little biased as I love Hoyoverse’s games, but the trailer for Honkai Impact’s new content looks amazing. Check it out here:

YouTube Thumbnail

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