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Theresa gets a blood moon glow-up in the new Honkai Impact update

The new Honkai Impact update invites us all to rendezvous under the blood moon, and Therasa's fresh Lunar Vow: Crimson Love battlesuit has us shook.

Theresa in her Lunar Vow: Crimson Love battlesuit from the new Honkai Impact update

Get ready for a new fight, Valkyries, as the new Honkai Impact update is on the horizon, and it’s a doozy. Titled ‘Re: Promise to Luna’, the v7.0 update sees your long-awaited reunion with the vampire Theresa under the blood moon. While our sweet little Theresa may show some (dramatic) changes to her appearance and attitude, she’s still the same fiery gal we’ve come to love – and, of course, she’s not lost her penchant for powerful weaponry that can pack a serious punch in battle.

Wielding a cross that can turn into a chainsaw, Theresa’s new battlesuit Lunar Vow: Crimson Love sees her flourish as an S-rank, psy-type lightning damage dealer, and she’s got some new tricks up her elegant, puffy sleeve. When she gathers enough charge in battle, she enters a frenzy, wielding dual chainsaws that slash faster and faster by the swing. Her ultimate sees her split her chainsaw in two as she dashes in front of enemies, slashing away without a care in the world – then she leaps up under the blood moon and finishes everything off in a graceful yet devastating performance that reminds us of Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu. Perhaps they’d be friends in another life…

Of course, that’s not all, as the fresh update also brings a continuation of the main story. Following Griseo and Fu Hua’s trial, you take another step towards truth, while also taking on the brand new SD-type enemies. These fearsome foes can take both ‘embodied’ and ‘consolidated’ forms, undergoing transformations and bringing in new damage dealing mechanics as their HP drops – so you better get ready for some strategizing, Captain. And, to sweeten the deal even further, you can enjoy several new outfits and handy anniversary version bonuses, including gift boxes and focused supply cards.

To round it all out, we also get an update on the highly anticipated part two of the game. The Honkai Impact 3rd team has confirmed that ‘the brand-new story will take place on Mars, and Oxia City will be the first stage where all the plots gradually unfold’. Oxia City is a vibrant and technologically advanced modern metropolis, where you can take on the role of a support character known as the ‘Dreamseeker’, embarking on adventures with a group of unique pals that we just can’t wait to get acquainted with.

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The Honkai Impact 3rd 7.0 update drops on October 26, bringing the new battlesuit, limited-time events, and bountiful rewards with it. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest news on the game, including the exciting second chapter, keep an eye on the official website, or follow Honkai Impact 3rd on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

And that’s all she wrote, Captain – we hope you’re as pumped for the fresh Honkai Impact 3rd update as we are. For more Hoyo fun, keep an eye on our Genshin Impact update and Honkai Star Rail update guides. We’ve also got a bunch of freebies up for grabs with our Honkai Impact codes, Genshin Impact codes, and Honkai Star Rail codes, so you can keep pulling for your faves in some of the best gacha games out there.