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Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars guide

Come check out the Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars event and make a team of monsters to take out any opponent standing in your way.

honkai star rail aetherium wars - the Trailblazer unleashing a spirit on the Luofu

Our Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars guide walks you through how to play, what the available spirits are, and more. The Aetherium Wars event is basically one big ode to that huge Nintendo franchise about catching pocket monsters, but we won’t say exactly what to avoid a lawsuit. Its Interastral Tournament Convention is taking place on Jarilo-VI, where the Trailblazer joins the fun.

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Let’s find out how to win at Honkai Star Rail’s Aetherium Wars!

What is Aetherium Wars in Honkai Star Rail?

Aetherium Wars is a new event that sees you, Honkai Star Rail’s Trailblazer, catch aether spirits – versions of the enemies you fight on all the different planets – and form a team of them. Then, you battle other players and win XP material, chips, and more. Note that you need to be Trailblazer level 21 or above to participate, and to have completed the Jolted Awake from a Winter Dream quest.

Thankfully, this event is hanging around – you can play it any time using the conventional memoir menu, though there are some limited-time rewards to grab.

Within the event, there are four themed zones to battle through – based on locations you’ve been to in the game:

  • Corridor of Fading Echoes on Jarilo-VI
  • Cloudford on the Xianzhou Luofu
  • Herta Space Station
  • The Great Mine on Jarilo-VI

Your job is to clear each area by battling challengers and roaming spirits, and the ‘Overlord’ spirit in each level – the boss. In each zone, you run into friendly faces of other playable characters and NPCs that challenge you to battle, while also explaining any puzzle mechanics in the zone.

An expectant honkai star rail aetherium wars player with their spirit on the Luofu

How do I play Aetherium Wars in Honkai Star Rail?

Playing Aetherium Wars is as simple as progressing through each zone and taking down any opponents in your way. The monsters you run into while in Aetherium Wars’ zones are called aether spirits. You get your own versions of them by defeating roaming spirits in specific locations in each area. Each aether spirit can provide a different role in your team, such as being an attacker, a defender, or a supporter that heals and buffs.

For instance, the first area, set on Jarilo-VI, nets you a Warp Trotter, Imaginary Weaver, Blaze Out of Space, Silvermane Cannonneer, and a Silvermane Gunner. As you progress and complete more battles, you collect expansion chips that you can equip to each spirit to receive stat boosts, shields, and upgrades.

On top of adventuring around different areas, you can play hyperlink battles and exhibition matches against other characters like Welt, Sampo, and Clara, with some NPCs sprinkled in, too. There are a few key Championship Duels once you get good enough, against Luka, Guinaifen, Hook, Topaz, Silver Wolf, and the event’s sponsor, Giovanni.

One of the rewards of the Wars event is getting a free Luka, Hook, Pela, or Serval on your team – or as an eidolon if you already have them. This is on top of a ton of credits, jade, and XP materials, too.

All Aetherium Wars aether spirits

There are three different types of aether spirits in the Aetherium Wars event – these are mechanic, aberrant, and humanoid. In order to quickly and successfully beat each opponent, you need to counter it with a corresponding type. Doing so deals 1.5x as much damage.

honkai star rail aetherium wars type counteract table showing three symbols and damage multipliers

Here’s a full list of all currently available aether spirits, along with their type and role in a team:

Aether spirit Type Role
Warp Trotter Aberrant Healer
Imaginary Weaver Aberrant Multi-target damage
Blaze Out of Space Aberrant DPS and AoE
Incineration Shadewalker Aberrant Tank and debuff
Everwinter Shadewalker Aberrant Tank and debuff
Voidranger: Reaver Abberant Buffer Aberrant Buffer
Voidranger: Eliminator Aberrant Buffer
Voidranger: Trampler Aberrant Single-target DPS
Abundance Sprite: Wooden Lupus Aberrant Damage over time
Vagrant Humanoid Buffer
Silvermane Gunner Humanoid Single-target DPS
Silvermane Lieutenant Humanoid DPS and counters
Silvermane Cannoneer Humanoid Follow-up attacks
Silvermane soldier Humanoid Buffer
Frigid Prowler Mechanical DPS and AoE
Automaton Spider Mechanical Explosive damage
Entranced Ingenium: Illumination Dragonfish Mechanical Damage over time
Entranced Ingenium: Obedient Dracolion Mechanical Healer
Aurumaton Gatekeeper Mechanical Damage over time

A screenshot of a battle in honkai star rail aetherium wars event with two teams of four spirits

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars team?

The best team you can make depends on the battle you’re heading into. Countering the types on the opposing team is key, along with having a healer or shielder, and perhaps a buffer, in your team at all times with your chosen DPS. Thankfully, unlike Pokémon, there are only three ‘types’ here, so matching up isn’t too much of a headache.

Really, like any team-based game, your best team depends on how you play. I prefer using two damage units with a healer and shielder, but you may prefer using a buffer and debuff unit to help out your DPS.

There are some key units that work very well in any team. These are:

  • Silvermane soldier – offers a shield and buffs
  • Silvermane Lieutenant – strong attack unit
  • Everwinter Shadewalker – excellent for freezing enemies
  • Warp Trotter – offers great healing and support

There you have it – our simple guide to the Aetherium Wars. For more help with Honkai builds, we recommend checking out our pages for Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard, Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu, Honkai Star Rail’s Sampo, and Honkai Star Rail’s Tingyun.