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Honkai Star Rail Jingliu build and teams

Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu is waiting for us on the Xianzhou Luofu, so let’s see how to build her including her best weapons, relics, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu's splash art on a blue background

So, you want to build Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu – a heavy-hitting, ice-wielding DPS? Then look no further. She’s a former member of the High Cloud Quintet and was Jing Yuan’s mentor, so you know she’s got some serious skills. However, she fell to the effects of Mara, causing her to go insane – which, to be honest, helps us on the battlefield as she is very strong.

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Here’s how to build the best Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu out there.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Jingliu build?

Best light cone I Shall Be My Own Sword
Light cone substitutes On the Fall Of An Aeon, A Secret Vow
Best relic set Hunter of Glacial Forest
Planar ornaments Rutilant Arena
Main stats Body – Crit rate/damage
Feet – Speed
Link rope – Attack
Planar sphere – Ice damage bonus
Sub stats Crit rate, crit damage, speed, attack

Jingliu is a five-star, DPS character who walks the path of the Destruction. Her skill enhances her attack, giving her higher damage, placing her as a DPS no matter what team you put her in.

Her best build involves stacking up her attack, speed, and crit stats, along with some ice-damage-increasing relics. Jingliu’s absolute best light cone is her signature, I Shall be My Own Sword, and the overall winning relic set is Hunter of Glacial Forest as it adds to her ice damage and crit rate.

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How do I use Jingliu?

Jingliu is your DPS in whatever team you use her in. You’re going to want to prioritize enhancing her skill, then using it to deal heftier normal attacks, and using her ultimate when it’s ready. Before you enter battle, don’t forget to use her technique to freeze enemies and deal damage upon entering a fight.

What are the best light cones for Jingliu?

The best light cone for Jingliu is her signature, I Shall be My Own Sword, available on the light cone banner alongside her. As a Destruction character, you can use any Destruction light cone on her, but there are some better choices than others.

If you don’t get her signature, then the five-star On the Fall of an Aeon can add a nice boost to her attack as she moves in battle, or the four-star A Secret Vow is a good budget-friendly choice, too.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
I Shall Be My Own Sword (five-star) Increases Jingliu’s crit damage by 20%. When an ally is attacked or loses HP, Jingliu gains one stack of Eclipse, max three stacks. Each stack increases Jingliu’s damage on her next attack by 14%. When she reaches three stacks, this enables the attack to ignore 12% of an enemy’s defense. Light cone banner (alongside Jingliu)
On the Fall of an Aeon (five-star) Whenever Jingliu attacks, her attack increases by 8% in battle, up to four times. When she inflicts weakness break on enemies, her damage increases by 12% for two turns. Herta’s store in the Simulated Universe
A Secret Vow (four-star) Increases damage dealt by Jingliu by 20%. She also deals an extra 20% of her damage to enemies whose HP is equal to or higher than her own current HP. All banners
Mutual Demise (three-star) If Jingliu’s current HP is lower than 80%, her crit rate increases by 12%. All banners

What are the best relics for Jingliu?

As an ice wielder, a two- or four-piece set of Hunter of Glacial Frost will work for Jingliu, and as always, an attack boost is always welcome. She benefits from plenty of crit rate and crit damage stats as a main DPS, as well.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Hunter of Glacial Forest Two equipped: Increases ice damage
Four equipped: After Jingliu uses her ultimate, her crit damage increases by 25% for two turns.
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Gelid Wind on the Herta Space Station
Musketeer of Wild Wheat Two equipped: Increases attack
Four equipped: Jingliu’s speed increases by 6% and her basic attack damage by 10%.
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting on Jarilo-VI
Messenger Traversing Hackerspace Two equipped: Increases speed
Four equipped:
When Jingliu uses her ultimate on an ally, speed for all allies increases by 12% for one turn. This effect cannot be stacked.
Cavern of Corrosion: PAth of Elixir Seekers on the Xianzhou Luofu

Planar ornament

Relic Effect How to obtain
Rutilant Arena Two equipped: Increases Jingliu’s crit rate by 8%. When her current crit rate reaches 70% or higher, her basic attack and skill damage increase by 20%.  Immersion Reward devices in World 7 of the Simulated Universe
Space Sealing Station Two equipped: Increases Jingliu’s attack by 12%. When her speed reaches 120 or higher, attack increases by a further 12%.  Immersion Reward devices in World 3 of the Simulated Universe
Inert Salsotto Two equipped: Increases Jingliu’s crit rate by 8%. When her current crit rate reaches 50% or higher, her ultimate and follow-up attack damage increases by 15%.  Immersion Reward devices in World 6 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

When picking specific relics for Jingliu, it’s important to look at the main and sub-stats on each piece to make sure it’ll pack a punch.

Main stats:

  • Body: Crit damage/rate
  • Feet: Speed
  • Planar sphere: Ice damage boost
  • Link rope: Attack


  • Crit damage/rate
  • Attack
  • Speed

A close up of Honkai Star Rail Jingliu's face with her blindfold

What are the best Jingliu Honkai Star Rail team comps?

Jingliu, as a main DPS, benefits from support units like Pela, Bronya, and Asta to give her extra turns and buffs in battle. Healers or shielders are also a good option, especially Luocha. If you’re doing Calyx’s or other low-risk fights, then you can pair her with another DPS like Blade to smash through the fights as quick as you can.

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Jingliu Pela Fu Xuan Bronya
Jingliu Bronya Luocha Blade
Jingliu Asta Trailblazer (fire) Lynx

What are Jingliu’s abilities?

Jingliu is a very powerful DPS, and here is exactly what she can do on the battlefield. When upgrading her kit, it is best to prioritize her skill, then her talent, her ultimate, and finally her basic attack.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Lucent Moonglow Using this skill deals ice damage to one target equal to 50% of Jingliu’s attack stat
Skill: Transcendent Flash
Jingliu deals ice damage to a single target equivalent to 100% of her attack stat. She also gains one stack of Syzygy upon using this attack
Enhanced skill: Moon On Glacial River If Jingliu is in the Spectral Transmigration state caused by her talent, Crescent Transmigration, then her skill becomes Moon On Glacial River. This deals ice damage to a single enemy equal to 125% of Jingliu’s attack stat and also hits adjacent targets, dealing 62.5% of her attack as damage. Using this skill does not consume a skill point, but does consume one stack of Syzygy
Ultimate: Florephemeral Dreamflux Jingliu deals ice damage to a single target, equal to 180% of her attack stat. This move also deals damage to adjacent targets equal to 90% of her attack. After she attacks, Jingliu gains one stack of Syzygy


Skill Effect
Crescent Transmigration When Jingliu gains two stacks of Syzygy, she will enter the Spectral Transmigration state. This state increases her crit rate by 40% and also advances her action forward by 100%. When Jingliu uses an attack in the Transmigration state, she consumes HP from all allies, equal to 4% of their max HP. Her own attack increases by 540% of the total HP consumed, capping at 150% of her base attack. This lasts until the current attack ends. When she uses both Syzygy stacks, she exits the state


Technique Effect
Shine of Truth Using this technique while outside of combat creates a small field that can freeze enemies. The field lasts 20 seconds and can stop enemies from advancing as you attack them to initiate battle.
Entering combat in this way immediately regenerates 15 energy for Jingliu, and also gives her one stack of Syzygy. There is also a 100% base chance to freeze enemies for one turn. Frozen enemies take additional ice damage equal to 80% of Jingliu’s damage


Trace Effect
Deathrealm (unlocked at ascension two) While in the Spectral Transmigration state, Jingliu’s effect resistance increases by 35%
Sword Champion (unlocked at ascension four) After using Transcendent Flash, Jingliu’s next action advances forward by 10%
Frost Wraith (unlocked at ascension six) While in the Spectral Transmigration state, Jingliu’s ultimate damage increases by 20%

What are Jingliu’s eidolons?

If you get lucky and pull an extra Jingliu (or two), here’s what each eidolon unlocks:

Eidolon  Effect
Level one: Moon Crashes Tianguan Gate When using her ultimate or enhanced skill, Jingliu’s crit damage increases by 24% for one turn. If only one enemy is attacked, the target additionally takes ice damage equal to 100% of Jingliu’s attack
Level two: Crescent Shadows Qixing Dipper After using her ultimate, the damage of Jingliu’s next enhanced skill increases by 80%
Level three: Halfmoon Gapes Mercurial Haze  Adds two levels to Jingliu’s ultimate, Florephemeral Dreamflux, up to a maximum of 15. Also adds two levels to her talent, Crescent Transmigration, up to a maximum of 15
Level four: Lunarlance Shines Skyward Dome During the Spectral Transmigration state, the attack Jingliu gains by consuming allies’ HP increases by 90% of the total HP consumed. The cap for attack gained this way increases by 30%
Level five: Night Shades Astral Radiance Adds two levels to Jingliu’s skill, Transcendent Flash, up to a maximum of 15. Also adds one level to her basic attack, Lucent Moonglow, up to a maximum of ten
Level six: Eclipse Hollows Corporeal Husk When Jingliu enters the Spectral Transmigration state, the Syzygy stack limit increases by one, and she gains one stack of Syzygy. While in the state, her crit damage increases by 50%

Honkai Star rail Jingliu holding a flower made of ice

What are Jingliu’s ascension materials?

Here is the list of materials you need to get Jingliu leveled up to her maximum. The gelid chitins drop from the Ice Out of Space boss, located in Jarilo-VI.

Required level Credits Materials
20 4,000 Five immortal scionette
30 8,000 Ten immortal scionette
40 16,000 Three gelid chitins, six immortal aeroblossom
50 40,000 Seven gelid chitins, nine immortal aeroblossom
60 80,000  20 gelid chitins, six immortal lumintwig
70 160,000 35 gelid chitins, nine immortal lumintwig

What are Jingliu’s trace materials?

To get all of Jingliu’s traces leveled all the way up – basic attack abilities included – here is what you’ll need, and where to get each item.

  • 41 immortal scionettes, 56 immortal aeroblossom, and 58 immortal lumintwigs
    • Obtain from Mara-struck soldiers, purchase from the Embers Exchange store, purchase from the Xianzhou Luofu world shop, and the synthesizer
  • 15 shattered blades, 72 lifeless blades, and 139 worldbreaker blades
    • Obtain from the Bud of Destruction calyx, purchase from the Embers Exchange store, purchase from Herta’s Space Station world shop, and the Jarilo-VI world shop
  • 12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
    • Obtain from the Phantylia boss fight in the Echo of War at Scalegorge Waterscape
  • 11 tracks of destiny
    • Obtain from events, as rewards in the Simulated Universe, from the Embers exchange, and Nameless Honor (battlepass) rewards
  • 3,000,000 credits

Skill trace priority:

  • Skill > talent > ultimate > basic attack

Major trace priority:

  • Deathrealm > Sword Champion > Frost Wraith

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