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Honkai Star Rail simulated universe

Honkai Star Rail’s simulated universe is just one part of a very large game, so let’s break it down and see where to find it, what to do, and what you get.

As you’re exploring Herta’s Space Station, you may come across the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe. The virtual universe is located on the Herta Space Station. Four members of the Genius Society created the simulation together in order to ascertain the secrets of the Aeons, including Honkai Star Rail’s Screwllum and Herta herself. The simulated universe can be a confusing area with some very hard battles lurking in it, so we’ve got a handy guide that lets you know the ins and outs of Herta’s project – including what you can get for completing the challenges and how to access it.

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Buckle up, because explaining the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe is a doozy.

Where can I find the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe?

The simulated universe is in Herta’s office on the Herta space station – it’s the glowing portal at the end of the room next to a Herta. Simply walk up to the portal and you can enter it. Check out a Honkai Star Rail map to pinpoint its location. Unlocking the simulated universe happens early in the game when you complete the ‘Universe in a Nutshell’ quest.

honkai star rail simulated universe choice: Bailu in front of two portals

What is the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe?

When trailblazers enter it, the simulated universe creates a world from pure code where a party of downloaded characters can battle through levels and gain buffs, items, and currency. Every room you enter has the chance of holding an enemy or an event, sometimes both, for you to fight through.

Each time you defeat an enemy you can pick a buff to apply – note that these only apply in the simulation and do not carry over to the regular world. While inside you can’t use items or food to heal, or change your party members, so prepare before entering. If your team falls you must start again from scratch.

Honkai Star Rail simulated universe recommended teams, elements, and characters

Let’s take a look at the best units for each Honkai Star Rail simulated universe level. In an ideal world, we’d all have every five-star to choose from, but that isn’t the case for most of us – so instead we’ve put the best options including four-stars and free characters.

Simulated universe world one

The recommended character level for world one is 16+, and the enemies in the level are a Voidranger Trampler boss, Blaze Out of Space, and Ice Out of Space. These share wind, quantum, and physical weaknesses. In terms of party makeup, wind, quantum, and physical elements are key here. You can also make great use of some fire and ice characters when facing certain bosses, such as the tough Blaze and Ice Out of Space duo.

Recommended party members

Element Character
Wind Sampo, Bronya
Quantum Seele, Qingque
Physical Natasha, Sushang, Trailblazer (physical)
Fire Asta, Himeko
Ice HertaYanqingPela

Simulated universe world two

The recommended character level for world two is 35 and above. Enemies here are a Stormbringer (bug) boss, Searing Prowler, Automaton Grizzly, and Automaton Direwolf, sharing ice, lightning, imaginary, and fire weaknesses.

Ice is your first priority here, so any icy unit will do, but Gepard and March 7th provide shields, and Herta uses handy follow-up attacks. If you want a healer and don’t have Bailu, take Natasha with you.

For world two, we recommend choosing the path of the Remembrance, as it enhances your freeze capabilities, allowing you to exploit enemy weaknesses, delay enemy actions, and control the battlefield. If you’re struggling with survivability, you can also pick some Preservation blessings to help negate some of that incoming damage.

Recommended party members

Element Character
Ice Gepard, March 7th, Herta, Yanqing, Pela
Lightning Jing Yuan, ServalBailu
Imaginary Welt, Luocha, Yukong
Fire Hook, AstaHimeko

Simulated universe world three

World three takes the recommended level up to 45+, and throws a Gepard boss, Silvermane Lieutenant, Searing Prowler, Automaton Direwolf, and Voidranger: Trampler at you. The enemies have a lot of mixed weaknesses here, so we recommend using any of the following characters. Basically, avoid fire as no enemies have a weakness to it.

Imaginary, annoyingly, is the key ingredient here. However, most of us don’t have a Welt – but Honkai Star Rail’s Luocha and Honkai Star Rail’s Yukong are finally here to back him up. If you don’t have any imaginary characters at your disposal, take extra lightning, ice, and physical units. As always, take Natasha or Bailu for healing capabilities.

For world three, we recommend choosing the path of the Hunt, as its blessings give you a nice boost to your damage and speed, allowing you to cut through Gepard’s defenses with ease. As with world two, you can also pick up some Preservation blessings to increase your survivability or go for a couple of Remembrance blessings if you’re using ice characters so you can disable Gepard’s soldiers and give yourself some breathing room.

Recommended party members

Element Character
Imaginary Welt, LuochaYukong
Lightning Jing Yuan, ServalBailu
Ice GepardMarch 7thHertaYanqingPela
Physical Clara, NatashaSushang

Simulated universe world four

For world four, make sure your team is level 50+ to deal with the Svarog (complete) boss, Stormbringer (bug), Frigid Prowler, Automaton Grizzly, and Decaying Shadow. They share fire, lightning, ice, and wind weaknesses.

Fire is absolutely a priority as all enemies share the weakness in world four. Other than that, lightning and wind are good elements to aim for, especially with Bronya’s skillset. Prioritize Bailu if you have her, if not, use Natasha for healing.

In this world, we recommend resonating with the path of the Hunt or the Nihility, depending on what characters you take. The Hunt dramatically boosts your damage and speed across the board, making it a great option for increasing your whole team’s damage. On the other hand, Nihility gives a massive damage boost to any characters that apply DoTs, such as Serval, Sampo, or Jing Yuan.

Once again, to boost your survivability, you can go with some Preservation blessings and, if you choose to bring along an ice character or two, a couple of Remembrance blessings can help swing the odds in your favor.

Recommended party members

Element Character
Fire Trailblazer (fire), HookAstaHimeko
Lightning Jing Yuan, ServalBailu
Wind BronyaSampoDan Heng

Simulated universe world five

To tackle world five, take party members level 55 and up. The enemies are a Kafka boss, Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter, Blaze Out of Space, Guardian Shadow, and Voidranger: Trampler, which share physical, wind, imaginary, quantum, and ice weaknesses, so aim for characters using these elements.

Physical, wind, and imaginary elements are priorities for this level. Though not the most common weakness, ice damage doesn’t go amiss here, especially if you have Gepard and his shield ability. Natasha can heal and do physical damage, so definitely add her to the team.

When facing Kafka, we highly recommend choosing the path of the Abundance – though you have to play through a certain amount of world four to unlock this path initially, then re-start with it as your chosen path. The Abundance offers a massive amount of healing, as well as some hefty buffs and some great damage through the Dewdrop mechanic. We recommend the Anatta resonance formation as it gives you a hefty teamwide heal every couple of moves. This makes surviving Kafka’s heavy-hitting attacks much easier. You can also pick up some of those handy Preservation blessings to boost your shields if need be.

One of Kafka’s nastiest moves is her ability to apply the Dominate status effect, which sees you lose control of the targeted character if you don’t cleanse it in time. As such, it’s important to bring characters capable of cleansing this debuff from their allies – we generally recommend bringing two if possible. Natasha and Bronya both have the ability to cleanse their allies with their skills. Alternatively, if you unlock March 7th’s Purify trace, she can cleanse the Dominate status effect with her shield.

Recommended party members

Element Character
Physical ClaraNatashaSushang, Trailblazer (physical)
Wind Bronya, Sampo, Dan Heng
Imaginary WeltLuochaYukong
Ice March 7th

Simulated universe world six

For world six, the last world of the simulated universe, get your party to a minimum of level 60 to face the Cocolia boss, Aurumaton Gatekeeper, Frigid Prowler, Ice Out of Space, and Decaying Shadow. These enemies share fire, lightning, quantum, and wind weaknesses. Quantum is a little thin on the ground for now, so if you have Seele, Silver Wolf, or Qingque, take them with you. If not, double up on fire and lightning damage. As always, take Natasha if you don’t have a Bailu.

In terms of paths, we highly recommend going with Abundance with the Anatta resonance formation again, due to the massive healing, buffs, and damage boost it offers. Mix in a couple of Preservation and Destruction defensive blessings to increase your tankiness and you should be able to out-survive some of the tougher bosses in this world. However, even with the extra healing and shields, when you’re facing Cocolia and Bronya, be sure to take down Cocolia’s structural summons as quickly as possible, as their nasty AoE ice damage can eat through your defenses pretty fast.

Recommended party members

Element Character
Fire HookAstaHimeko, Trailblazer (fire)
Lightning Jing Yuan, Serval, Bailu
Quantum Seele, Qingque, Silver Wolf

And there you have it – our tips for making it through all six worlds of the simulated universe. As you progress, you unlock harder difficulties for each of the worlds, but the weaknesses and general team formations stay the same, just make sure you level your characters up before trying to tackle them.

What are the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe rewards?

Grinding out the simulated universe can be tough and tedious, but it has tons of beneficial rewards, even beyond stellar jades!

Weekly point rewards

The HSR simulated universe has weekly point rewards, from giving prizes when you pass 700 points up to 7,000. Here is a list of all the available weekly point rewards:

Points Reward
700 Two immersifiers
1400 70 stellar jade
2100 Two immersifiers
2800 Star Rail pass
3500 85,000 credits
4200 65 stellar jade
4900 Nine lost crystals
5600 Herta bond
6300 85,000 credits
7000 Track of Destiny

Honkai Star Rail Simulated universe ability points

In the simulated universe, there is an ability tree that requires ability points to purchase upgrades. You earn these points by clearing worlds and they cannot be spent outside of the simulated universe. Don’t forget to upgrade this as it provides some very helpful bonuses.

Honkai Star Rail planar ornaments

Now we get on to the interesting part. On top of the four key Honkai Star Rail relics each character can equip, there are two planar ornaments – a planar sphere and a link rope – that can add even more to their stats. These appear in world three onwards, in a dispenser item after defeating a certain mini-boss. They’re available in three to five-star rarity and cost either 40 trailblaze powder, or one immersifier to collect.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated universe index rewards

If you’re in need of some more stellar jade, then we suggest trying to add to the blessing and curio index pages. When you unlock five, 12, 18, and 22 blessings of each path, you get 80 stellar jades, and each new curio unlocks gives 30 jades. Grab a few of these and you’ve got a warp ticket right there.

What is Herta’s store in the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe?

If you thought all these rewards were a lot, then get ready for even more! With the Herta bonds available in the weekly reward scheme, you can buy some fantastic items in Herta’s store, accessible from the simulated universe menu. She sells three five-star Honkai Star Rail light cones, a superimposer, and a Star Rail pass.

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