Honkai Star Rail check-in rewards and more

Our Honkai Star Rail check-in guide shows you how to claim all of those handy rewards, from stellar jades to adventure logs, so you never miss a freebie.

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The Honkai Star Rail check-in allows you to claim a bunch of handy rewards every day with a few simple clicks. From materials to help you level up your characters and light cones to stellar jade to add to your warp funds, it’s a super handy system. So let’s take a look at what HSR check-in rewards you can get and how to claim them.

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What are the Honkai Star Rail check-in rewards?

Here are all the rewards you can get from the Honkai Star Rail check-in event.

  • Day one: two adventure logs
  • Day two: one condensed aether
  • Day three: 5k credits
  • Day four: one bottled soda
  • Day five: 20 stellar jade
  • Day six: two adventure logs
  • Day seven: one condensed aether
  • Day eight: one lost gold fragment
  • Day nine: 5k credits
  • Day ten: three adventure logs
  • Day 11: two lost gold fragments
  • Day 12: two condensed aether
  • Day 13: 20 stellar jade
  • Day 14: 5k credits
  • Day 15: one energy drink (sugar free)
  • Day 16: three adventure logs
  • Day 17: two condensed aether
  • Day 18: two lost gold fragments
  • Day 19: 8k credits
  • Day 20: 20 stellar jade
  • Day 21: three adventure logs
  • Day 22: two condensed aether
  • Day 23: two lost gold fragments
  • Day 24: 8k credits
  • Day 25: one disposable kinetic arm
  • Day 26: two refined aether
  • Day 27: two lost crystals
  • Day 28: three traveler’s guide
  • Day 29: 5k credits
  • Day 30: 5k credits

The first three times that you claim your Honkai Star Rail check-in rewards, you also gain some extra rewards:

  • First-time check-in: 40 stellar jade
  • Second-time check-in: 30 stellar jade
  • Third-time check-in: 30 stellar jade

The Honkai Star Rail check-in page

How do I claim my Honkai Star Rail check-in rewards?

To claim your check-in rewards, just follow these steps each day.

The check-in rewards refresh every day at midnight, UTC+8, no matter where you are – meaning 9:00 (PST) / 12:00 (EST) / 17:00 (BST). At the beginning of each month, the check-in page resets, and you start from day one again.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about the permanent Honkai Star Rail check-in event. If you’re wondering where you should use your aether and lost crystals, be sure to head over to our Honkai Star Rail relics and Honkai Star Rail light cones guides. Or, for more Hoyo goodness, check out our Genshin Impact tier list and Genshin Impact codes.