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Honkai Star Rail Discord - what is it and how do I join?

Get chatting to Trailblazers around the world with the official Honkai Star Rail Discord, offering updates, event details, multiple languages, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Discord: Asta looking at her phone with a Discord logo

The official Honkai Star Rail Discord is the perfect place to chat about your trailblazing adventure, find out about all the latest goings on on the Astral Express, or gripe about the inconvenience of having a Stellaron in your tummy. So let’s channel our inner Pom-Pom as we work out what exactly the HSR Discord is, and how you can join it today. All aboard!

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What is the Honkai Star Rail Discord?

The Honkai Star Rail Discord is an official server run by Hoyoverse where you can talk to other players, read about all the latest information on the game, and more. The Discord has multiple channels covering the rules of the server, places for Trailblazers to chat in a variety of different languages, and more.

A promotional image for the Honkai Star Rail Discord showing chibi characters with the Discord logo above them

How do I join the Honkai Star Rail Discord server?

You can join the official Honkai Star Rail Discord server by signing into or creating a Discord account, verifying your account by phone, then clicking on the link above and accepting the invitation. From there, you simply need to follow Pom-Pom’s directions in the rule channel to assign yourself a rank – for example, to assign yourself a role in English, you need to type ‘!rank EN’. Then you’re free to enjoy communicating with other Trailblazers around the galaxy.

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