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How to remove a PopSocket

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to remove a PopSocket, look no further than our handy guide on how to remove and replace the handy items.

how to remove popsocket - a hand holding a phone with a PopSocket on the back

Sometimes, tastes change, and so we need to change our phone cases and get rid of other additions to match our new aesthetic. That’s why we’re here to tell you how to remove a PopSocket safely from your phone. There are a couple of ways to do it, and we don’t recommend just ripping it off, so scroll down to find out how.

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How do I remove a PopSocket from my phone?

PopSockets come with an adhesive gel on them, so they can grip onto your phone. When using it for the first time, this can take about ten to 15 minutes to dry fully, so you can move it if you place it wrong.

Your first step is to collapse in your PopSocket so it’s not getting in the way and is flat against your phone. You can then use a fingernail, or a small, flat object such as tweezers or a credit card to gently prize the edge of the PopSocket away from your phone. Be very careful doing this as you don’t want to scratch your case, or phone’s back.

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If it’s putting up a fight, you can use dental floss underneath the socket to pull it off. With a bit of time, you can get the socket loosened, and then pull it off without too much resistance.

Removing a MagSafe PopSocket is even easier, as it simply comes off. It’s held on with magnets to the back of the phone, so there’s no gel or glue to get in the way.

Well, there you go, you should now have a safely removed PopSocket. We’ve got buying guides for any kind of phone you can think of – how about a new flip phone, foldable phone, or perhaps a Google Pixel phone?