How to Switch off iPhone

Our How to Switch off iPhone guide is here to help you if you’re just getting to grips with a new phone, need to reset your device, and more.

How to Switch off iPhone: an iphone is visible, while text on the screen reads "slide to power off"

If you need to know how to switch off iPhone, we’ve got you covered. Not everything is simple nowadays, and moving between different mobile devices can be a real pain when they all work differently. In this quick guide, we detail everything you need to know to switch off your iPhone, reset it, and everything in between – though that is pretty much it, honestly.

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How to Switch off iPhone

Like most things, switching off your iPhone is easy when you know how. If you need to turn your iPhone off, just follow these simple steps.

  • Press and hold your iPhone’s right side button and either volume button.
  • A pop-down appears asking you to slide the bar to turn off
  • Slide the bar across to Switch off your iPhone
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Alternatively, if either of your side buttons does not work, follow these steps instead.

  • Head to settings
  • Open up General settings
  • Press shut down
  • When the slider appears, drag it across to switch off your iPhone.

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