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Feel true terror with Identity V’s Junji Ito Collection crossover

The Identity V Junji Ito Collection crossover features costumes based on iconic horror characters such as Souichi Tsuji and Tomie Kawakami.

Identity V Junji Ito Collection crossover key art showing Lucky Guy in his Souichi outfit with candles strapped to his head and nails in his mouth

Longtime fans of NetEase’s asymmetrical horror game likely remember the Identity V Junji Ito Collection crossover, a three-stage collaboration that began in December 2018 with stage one and concluded in July 2019 with stage three. Each part offered an array of costumes and accessories for various characters.

Well, now the Identity V Junji Ito Collection partnership is back once more, bringing three iconic costumes from the previous collaboration with the horror game. The first is the Souichi outfit for survivor Lucky Guy, inspired by the clothing of Souichi Tsuji, the primary antagonist of the Junji Ito manga universe, despite the fact that he’s an elementary school student. Don’t let his young age fool you, though. This lad is all too happy to unleash a curse on you.

Hunter Wu Change receives the second costume, The Intersection Bishounen. The costume is inspired by the character of the same name, who serves as the main antagonist from the Lovesick Dead manga. He’s quite a disturbing character, to say the least, preying on girls who play the crossroads fortune-telling game. He reads their fortunes, has them do his bidding, and ultimately leads them to a tragic end.

Finally, the hunter Dream Witch gets the third Junji Ito outfit, which comes courtesy of Junji Ito villain Tomie Kawakami. She’s attractive and she knows it, using the art of seduction and her powers to bend men to her will. She can even create clones of herself, though she doesn’t even consider them worthy, ordering men to kill her copies.

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To get your hands on these costumes, head to the shop in-game and be ready to part with some fragments and echos. You can even find a crossover pet, an accessory for Lucky Guy, and a survivor accessory while the event is taking place. You have until the collaboration ends on May 5 to get your hands on them all.

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