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Infinite Magicraid tier list and reroll guide

With the new mobile gaming title making waves in the RPG space, there’s never been a better time to buff up your team with our Infinite Magicraid tier list

Infinite Magicraid tier list: key art for the game Infinite Magicraid shows several fantasy characters ready for battle with elemental based weapons, a topless barbarian with a beard is in the centre, with flames swirling around his fist

Are you looking for an Infinite Magicraid tier list? This new 5v5 RPG is a blast to play, and many eager gamers have been getting to grips with it over the last few months. Much like many hero-based games though, it’s often all about your pulls and the team you manage to build. So before you dive head-first into Infinite Magicraid, let us help you out.

Our Infinite Magicraid tier list sorts the characters based on how effective they are in different game modes, their overall strength, and abilities. Every character has a few select attacks and a powerful ultimate, and each has something different to bring to the table. So whether you want to just slay the demon Lihem in the story mode, or dominate the world in PvP, here’s everything you need to know.

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We haven’t got infinite time, so let’s dive straight into our Infinite Magicraid tier list.

Infinite Magicraid tier list: key art from the game Infinite Magicraid shows several fantasy chaarcters looking away from the viewer, ready to battle a giant ice monster with large claws

Infinite Magicraid tier list

This tier list is based on the character’s strength combined with their class, as well as their overall effectiveness in the different game modes. There are a lot of characters, and we’re working through them as we play the game. If one needs to be added or you have a good argument for their place on the tier, be sure to get in touch over at the Pocket Tactics Facebook account.

  • SS – Lucifer, Margarita, Phocas, Ben Austin, Madlaina, Luka
  • S – Hisaro, Asindo, Dario, Zyra, Kristian, Eden, Shapotite, Fiona, Ulcaster, Lam, Carrie, Zachzulu
  • A – Gustav, Aisha, Mutu, Melia, Vera, Fireater, Arella, Gordo, Phil, Egea, Hisaro, Gramndi, Dario, Asindo
  • B – Xia, Horus, Luna, Valentin, Anna, Warrior, Space, Yoko, Lutz, Geeva, Bakkins, Schilder, Amalic, Mae, Turf, Agatha
  • C – Nordak, Servant-0, Raider, Supporter, Elaina, Lia, Esther

How do I perform an Infinite Magicraid reroll?

Getting a good start in a game is very important, and luckily it’s very easy in Infinite Magicraid to reroll and get the best heroes for the job early on. While you unlock heroes Kristain and Eden through the tutorial anyway, and both are vital in the early game, though you’re going to want some reinforcements as you further explore the depths of Lowes. To reroll in Infinite Magicraid, you must:

  • Complete the tutorial
  • Finish story missions 1-10
  • Roll for your first heroes
  • If you’re not happy, hot the character icon on the left of the main menu
  • Hit settings, and then switch account
  • From here, choose a new login that will override your current save
  • Go back through and roll again until you’re happy with your heroes

Hopefully, this list gets you well onto your way in vanquishing the evil forces of Lihem, or at least smashing up a few other human players online. If you love mobile games and need a helping hand elsewhere, head on over to our Eroica tier list next.