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Is Roblox shutting down?

We often wonder is Roblox shutting down in 2023 or beyond. It's one of the biggest, blockiest, and best platforms out there, so we don't expect to see its end.

Is Roblox shutting down: a sad Roblox noob

Ah, Roblox – arguably one of the biggest gaming franchises out there whether you like it or not. Players sometimes worry that their essentially live-service game may go away, given that it is all online, and they’ll lose all their progress. So, is Roblox shutting down? We sure hope not, but let’s have a look.

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Is Roblox shutting down 2024?

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see Roblox shut down anytime soon, especially given how monumentally popular the platform is. There may be some rumors floating around every so often as to the fate of the Roblox world, but these rumors tend to get spread by people trying to troll fellow players. For what purpose, we’re not sure.

Either way, we’ll keep checking and updating right here.

As of May 2024, Roblox is still not shutting down.

Is Roblox free?

Roblox is a free-to-play game service, with microtransactions available for purchasing in-game money, items, and moves, should you wish to do that, or other things like cosmetics for your avatar.

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Is Roblox cross-platform?

Even better news after finding out that Roblox is not being shut down – Roblox is cross-platform! Roblox continues to dominate the platforms it’s available on and allows players to play with anyone using mobile, Xbox, or PC.

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