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Kingdom Hearts Aqua

Kingdom Hearts’ Aqua is a keyblade apprentice first appearing in the second game, and if you want to learn more, we’ve got all the details below.

Kingdom Hearts Aqua on a blue background with the Pocket Tactics logo

Kingdom Hearts’ Aqua was designed from scratch by Tetsuya Nomura, complete with purple tassels, spiky boots, and, of course, a couple of chains. While just making cameo appearances in the second game, she got her time to shine in Birth by Sleep.

So, head below to learn all about KH Aqua, her keyblade, voice actor, and the various appearances she’s made. For more, check out our Kingdom Hearts Sora, Kingdom Hearts Roxas, Kingdom Hearts Axel, and Kingdom Hearts Vanitas guides. We’ve also got a Kingdom Hearts characters guide for all you generalists.

Anyway, here’s our Kingdom Hearts Aqua guide:

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What is Kingdom Hearts Aqua’s personality?

Alongside Terra and Ventus, Aqua is a keyblade apprentice under Master Eraqus. At his orders, the trio set out to various worlds to take on the Unversed. Through Birth by Sleep, she faces many challenges with her friends, all the while doing what she can to protect them, in classic KH fashion.

A Famitsu poll named her the fourth most popular Kingdom Hearts character, and you can see why. She’s straightforwardly good, kind of like Sora, with a desire to protect her friends and do what’s best. And that’s just quite sweet, isn’t it?

What is Kingdom Hearts Aqua’s keyblade?

Aqua’s first and main keyblade is Rainfell, a spiky-ended metal-blue key with gothic vibes. It boosts your magic and strength, though it’s short length may be a bit of a hindrance in some situations.

Aqua also wields numerous other keyblades in Birth by Sleep depending on which you pick up as you progress through the story. Find out more about the different Keyblades throughout the game series with our Kingdom Hearts Keyblades guide.

Aqua looking at a charm

Who is Kingdom Hearts Aqua’s voice actor?

Megumi Toyoguchi voices Aqua in Japanese, while Willa Holland is her English VA. Toyoguchi has worked on Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy, Danganronpa, Valkyria Chronicles, and Persona, while Holland is probably best known for her role in The O.C. and Gossip Girl.

What games has Kingdom Hearts’s Aqua appeared in?

Here are all the games Aqua has appeared in so far:

  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  • Kingdom Hearts II
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Hey, guess what! that’s all we’ve got on Kingdom Hearts’ Aqua. For more, check out our Kingdom Hearts wallpapers for a new background or our Kingdom Hearts games guide to see what order to play them in.