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Legend of Mushroom tier list April 2024

Our Legend of Mushroom tier list can guide you through your promotions and help you pick the most fungi available.

Legend of Mushroom tier list - a green mushroom holding a sword

Behold, adventurer, our Legend of Mushroom tier list. It might have gacha mechanics, but Legend of Mushroom works a little differently from the games you might be used to. By using tickets you can gain new skill items and pals to help you in battle – the more copies of the same thing you get, the more you can enhance it. This can help you get plenty of XP to level up quickly and get that promotion you really want. What we have ranked in our tier list is each promotion you can reach as the main mush.

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Legend of Mushroom tier list

Here’s every promotion available in the game and how they rank up. Generally, the higher the level of the promotion, the better – but it’s all down to how you prefer to play.

Rank Legend of Mushroom level
S Axe Warrior, Berserker, Darklord, Martial Sage, Prophet, Plume Monarch, Swordsman, Sacred Hunter, Warbringer
A Chronomancer, Claymore Wielder, Healer, Shadow Sniper, Shadow Hunter, Sharpshooter, Swordmaster, Warmonger
B Adventurer, Archer, Mage, Spellcaster, Storm Priest, Wind Crossbower
C Arrowgod, Bishop, Holy Guide, Shroomie
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How do I level up in Legend of Mushroom?

Leveling up takes patience – you just have to play the game and fight through levels, and bosses in order to earn XP. eventually, when you hit levels 15, 30, 50, 70, and 100, your Shroomie transforms into a new class of character. The upgrades are laid out in a skill tree, so remember to think carefully about your choice when choosing between Mage, Warrior, and Archer, as once you pick it, that’s the path you’re on.

Here are all the available promotions awaiting your little Shroomie.

  • Level 15
    • Adventurer
  • Level 30
    • Choose Warrior, Archer, or Mage
  • Level 50
    • Warrior – Choose Swordsman or Axe Warrior
    • Archer – Choose Shadow Sniper or Wind Crossbower
    • Mage – Choose Healer or Spellcaster
  • Level 70
    • Swordsman – Claymore Wielder
    • Axe Warrior – Berserker
    • Shadow Sniper – Sharpshooter
    • Wind Crossbower – Dual Crossbower
    • Healer – Chronomancer
    • Spellcaster – Storm Priest
  • Level 100
    Here, you can turn into a human form in male or female, instead of a mushroom-based lifeform.
    • Claymore Wielder – Swordmaster
    • Berserker – Warmonger
    • Sharpshooter – Shadow Hunter
    • Dual Crossbower – Arrowgod
    • Chronomancer – Holy Guide
    • Storm Priest – Bishop

Once you’re past level 100, you can awaken your chosen character to a new stage:

  • Swordmaster – Martial Sage
  • Warmonger – Warbringer
  • Shadow Hunter – Sacred Hunter
  • Arrowgod – Plume Monarch
  • Holy Guide – Prophet
  • Bishop – Darklord

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