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Have your say in which villain joins Marvel Contest of Champions

Your MCoC votes allow you to choose from between eight Marvel villains, of which the most popular one will arrive in-game this year.

Marvel Contest of Champions vote nominees Ruby Thursday, Black Tarantula, and Viper

It’s time to cast your Marvel Contest of Champions vote, as the game is in need of a new villain. Sure, there are already plenty of bad guys in-game, Carnage springs to mind, but the good guys at Kabam want to give you the chance to bring in your favorite missing villain. We mentioned how Carnage is already part of the roster; well, you might win some points with the terrifying symbiote if you vote for Shriek, his better (worse?) half.

Shriek doesn’t have to get your vote, though. You can always show your support to Swarm if you’re after a different Spidey villain that doesn’t appear in many Spider-Man games. You know who else doesn’t appear in many Marvel games? The Beetle. Yes, it’s another Spider-Man villain, though his first appearance sees him face off against the Human Torch from the Fantastic 4, so he does get around a bit.

Another villain you can vote for is Ruby Thursday, a member of the Headmen who goes toe-to-toe against numerous heroes from the Marvel universe, including Wasp and Spider-Man. Yes, there’s that name again, so let’s take a look at a villain that has a bone to pick with a different hero. Viper has some serious beef with Wolverine, and if you want to see them hash it out, cast your vote in favor of the assassin.

And we’re back to the Spider-Man villains. If you want to give Spidey a real headache, you’ll ask Kabam to add Shathra to the game, aka ‘Spider-Wasp.’ Be warned, she’s a hate-filled individual who wants to cause nothing but pain. If she sounds too much for you, maybe you want to see X-Men villain Blob arrive in the Battlerealm instead? Finally, you can also cast your vote for Black Tarantula.

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How do I vote in Marvel Contest of Champions?

Okay, at this point do we even need to vote? Odds are it’s going to be a Spider-Man villain. Still, it’s always nice to have your say, so if you want to give your opinion on which villain should join our MCoC tier list, you can collect your ballot in-game and cast your vote from there. However, if you’re dedicated to the cause, you can complete solo objectives for even more ballots.

You can also head over to the MCoC Twitter (X) page and help decide who the Social Wildcard champion is. Kabam will announce the overall winner on February 9.

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