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Mewing Simulator codes April 2024

Roblox Mewing Simulator codes are a great way to get some additional wins and luck boosts to help you on the road to becoming a sigma.

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Listen up, peeps. Our Mewing Simulator codes guide is a must-read if you’re hell-bent on becoming a sigma, a highly self-sufficient individual with a great jawline. Yes, in this Roblox experience, you need to get your hands on as many items as you can to become a sigma, then you can mew and get to work on that stunning jaw.

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Mewing Simulator codes

Active codes:

  • Update3 – a pet (new!)
  • 10MILVISITS – a pet (new!)
  • 200K – a pet (new!)
  • FIVRMOGSYOU – 25k wins.
  • BLESSMESYN – times two wins boost.
  • SEEYUH – secret pet.
  • TONKA – tonka pet.
  • SYN – two ten-minute luck boosts
  • PEAK – 1k wins

What are Mewing Simulator codes?

Mewing Simulator codes are a great way to turn your luck around with luck and wins, making it that bit easier to become a sigma. The developer, kubo x axel x syn, has no clear pattern when adding new codes. It seems to be whenever the team feels generous. Still, that doesn’t mean milestone codes are out of the question, so make sure you give the game a like if you enjoy it and check back here regularly.

Mewing Simulator codes redemption screen in front of a wide open space with an orange floor

How do I redeem Mewing Simulator codes?

To redeem Mewing Simulator codes, you need to:

  • Launch Roblox
  • Fire up Mewing Simulator
  • Tap the codes button on the right of the screen
  • Enter your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebie!

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