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All Obey Me characters

Introduce yourself to all the Obey Me characters and learn about their personalities, likes, dislikes, and more, so you can bring all of Devildom to its knees.

A group of Obey Me characters in white suits

With 12 handsome Obey Me characters to woo, each with their own unique personalities, styles, and backstories, you’re totally spoilt for choice. So we’ve rounded up a helpful introduction to each of these supernaturally gorgeous boys, including a bio about who they are, and all of the Obey Me characters’ favorite gifts, so you know what to give should you bump into them as a special guest.

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Here are all the Obey Me characters.

Obey Me's Lucifer in three different outfits

Obey Me Lucifer

Birthday: June 6
Star sign: Gemini
Race: Demon
Likes: Tea with Diavolo
Dislikes: Enemies of Diavolo
Sin: Pride

Lucifer is the eldest of the seven demon brothers, and is the avatar of pride. A perfectly flawless but malicious sadist, he’s the student council vice president and Lord Diavolo’s closest friend and right-hand man. He keeps the brothers together – by force, if necessary.

Obey Me Lucifer gifts

  • Poison Apple
  • Book
  • Message card
  • Poison
  • Flower

Obey Me's mammon in three different outfits

Obey Me Mammon

Birthday: September 10
Star sign: Virgo
Race: Demon
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Work
Sin: Greed

Mammon (often referred to as The Great Mammon by himself, or idiot scumbag by others) is the scummy second born and avatar of greed, and is greedy for all the money in the world. He’s assigned as your buddy at the beginning of the game, and despite clearly having a soft spot for you, denies it at all times. The witches are his biggest weakness.

Obey Me Mammon gifts

  • Noodles
  • Manga
  • Game

Obey Me's Leviathan in three different outfits

Obey Me Leviathan

Birthday: April 9
Star sign: Aries
Likes: The internet
Dislikes: Normies
Sin: Envy

Leviathan is the 2D-loving third born, and avatar of envy. Known as Mr Dark and Moody, he’s a full-time otaku and shut-in, and his biggest catchphrase is “it’s not fair.” His goldfish Henry – named after a character from his favourite book series – is his (only) friend, and he wouldn’t be seen dead hanging out with a non-otaku normie, if he could help it.

Obey Me Leviathan gifts

  • Pizza
  • Game
  • Candy
  • Movie Ticket
  • Manga
  • Pocket Tissue
  • Book
  • Medicine

Obey Me's Satan in three different outfits

Obey Me Satan

Birthday: October 20
Star sign: Libra
Race: Demon
Likes: Beautiful things
Dislikes: Lucifer
Sin: Wrath

Satan is the cynical fourth-born and avatar of wrath, whose smiles are nothing but an act. He’s usually very rational and frank, but once you anger him you better run for your life. He hates Lucifer and is going through a rebellious phase, but has a soft spot for animals – specifically cats.

Obey Me Satan gifts

  • Book
  • Apple pie
  • Message card

Obey Me's Asmodeus in three different outfits

Obey Me Asmodeus

Birthday: May 15
Star sign: Taurus
Race: Demon
Likes: Himself
Dislikes: Unsightly things
Sin: Lust

Asmodeus – or Asmo, for short – is the narcissistic fifth-born and avatar of lust, who believes the world adores him. He’s known to charm people by simply having them stare into his eyes, and holds several Asmo gatherings a month. He’s a natural flirt, and considers himself a gift to be shared with the entire world.

Obey Me Asmodeus gifts

  • Wicked cupcake
  • Black coffee of melancholy
  • Flower
  • Perfume
  • Message card

Obey Me's Beelzebub in three different outfits

Obey Me Beelzebub

Birthday: March 11
Star sign: Pisces
Race: Demon
Likes: Delicious food
Dislikes: Unappetizing food
Sin: Gluttony

Beelzebub is the forever-famished sixth-born, and avatar of gluttony. As a growing demon who’s always eating something, his mind is constantly on food, which often lands him in trouble. He dearly loves his younger twin brother Belphegor, and feels responsible for both him and their sister Lilith.

Obey Me Beelzebub gifts

  • Human world cheeseburger
  • Movie ticket
  • Pocket tissue

Obey Me's Belphegor in three different outfits

Obey me Belphegor

Birthday: March 11
Star sign: Pisces
Race: Demon
Likes: Napping
Dislikes: Diavolo
Sin: Sloth

Belphegor is the catnapping seventh-born and avatar of sloth, who harbors a streak of rebellion. The youngest, cheekiest, and most cunning of the demon brothers, he’s Beelzebub’s perpetually sleepy twin. He respected Lucifer the most among his brothers until an argument broke out between them, leading to Lucifer imprisoning him in the attic.

Obey Me Belphegor gifts

  • Family pack sushi
  • Poison
  • Book
  • Movie ticket

Obey Me's Diavolo in three different outfits

Obey Me Diavolo

Birthday: October 31
Star sign: Scorpio
Race: Demon
Likes: Tea made by Barbatos
Dislikes: Pickles

Diavolo is the only child of the demon king, and the most powerful being in the Devildom. Despite being both the student council president and future king of the Devildom, he’s fair, compassionate, and eternally positive. However, he’s highly respected by most demons, and far wiser than he may appear – even possessing the ability to tell whether someone is telling the truth or not.

Obey Me Diavolo gifts

  • Barbatos’ tea
  • Flower
  • Book
  • Manga
  • Movie ticket
  • Game
  • Message card

Obey Me's Barbatos in three different outfits

Obey Me Barbatos

Birthday: August 22
Star sign: Leo
Race: Demon
Likes: Ordering tea leaves
Dislikes: Rats

Barbatos is an impeccable butler who follows Diavolo around as if he were his shadow. Known to be the greatest pastry chef in all of the three worlds, he’s loyal, patient, and kind, often sharing his homemade treats with others and giving them cooking tips. His calm demeanour can sometimes come across as emotionless or sarcastic (Mammon is even convinced he has a secret torture room hidden under the castle), but he’s passionate about his work and rarely loses his temper.

Obey Me Barbatos gifts

  • Madam Scream’s macrons
  • Flower
  • Book
  • Movie ticket
  • Message card
  • Pocket tissue

Obey Me's Luke in two different outfits

Obey Me Luke

Birthday: July 15
Star sign: Cancer
Race: Angel
Likes: Simeon’s pancakes
Dislikes: Lucifer

Luke is an angel exchange student, and representative of the Celestial Realm. Short and chatty, Lucifer and the other demon brothers often refer to him as Chihuahua, Fido, or Dog – much to his dismay. He’s boisterous, opinionated, and untrusting of demons, but is actually very caring – he has a big heart and cherishes his friends. Simeon describes him as honest and genuine.

Obey Me Luke gifts

  • Barbatos’ signature cake
  • Flower
  • Message card

Obey Me's simeon in two different outfits

Obey Me Simeon

Birthday: February 10
Star sign: Aquarius
Race: Angel
Likes: Cooking
Dislikes: None

Simeon is an angel exchange student, and representative of the Celestial Realm. He has a gentle personality and is always smiling, but also has a sharp intuition. He’s hopeless with technology, as shown by his introduction to the D.D.D phone where he begins by typing entirely in caps and sending random stickers out. He has a calm demeanour and treats everyone with respect and kindness, but is a strict supervisor to Luke, often avoiding giving him direct answers as he believes it’s best for him to work things out on his own.

Obey Me Simeon gifts

  • Paradise blue
  • Book
  • Game
  • Movie ticket

Obey Me's Solomon in three different outfits

Obey Me Solomon

Birthday: December 9
Star sign: Sagittarius
Race: Human
Likes: Studying magic
Dislikes: The ocean

Solomon is an exchange student from the human world, who has great magical potential. Known as the wise one, he’s a powerful sorcerer who has entered into pacts with 72 demons. He’s confident, knowledgeable, and can sometimes come across as arrogant, but is overall calm and composed despite showing a more playful side when teasing Luke. He enjoys cooking, and is yet to realise that his peers hate his food.

Obey Me Solomon gifts

  • Unidentified matter
  • Book
  • Perfume

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