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Overwatch 2 game modes

Just like other team-based shooters, there’s a variety of Overwatch 2 game modes for you to enjoy, and we’re more than happy to explain them all to you

Various robots, white and red coloured, in a futuristic setting, one aiming towards the ground with its gun arm, in one of many Overwatch 2 game modes.

Overwatch 2 is a team-based online multiplayer shooter, which means you and your squad have to work well together if you want to achieve victory. Trust us. There are very few Overwatch 2 game modes that support a lone wolf that can enter the fray alone and save the day. If you’re not a team player, you’re going to see ‘you lost’ a lot.

So, what are the Overwatch 2 game modes? Naturally, you can expect to come across a variety of match types because while teamwork is vital, that doesn’t mean all modes gel with you. Some are objective-based, while others encourage you to shoot down as many foes as possible – ah, team deathmatch, a classic competitive shooter mode we can all enjoy.

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Anyway, here are all of the Overwatch 2 game modes.

Overwatch 2 game modes - An Overwatch 2 map showing a scene of tall skyscrapers, small corner shops, and a general bustling city

Overwatch 2 game modes

Team deathmatch

A classic to all shooter fans, team deathmatch is simple in that you need to put an end to the opposition, and the team that reaches the kill count first wins. Failing that, if time runs out, it’s the team with the most eliminations that claims victory.


Control is an objective-based game mode in which both teams fight to seize control of an objective point in the middle of the map. There are several rounds to play, and in order to win one, your team needs to fill the control bar to 100%. The first team to win two rounds gets the win.


Push is new to Overwatch 2 and involves both teams duking it out to get control over a robot that pushes a barricade to the opposing squad’s spawn point. In order to win, you need to ensure the lil bot takes the barricade all the way to the end of the line. However, if the ten-minute time limit is up, the team that kept control of the robot the longest, thus moving the barricade the furthest distance, wins.


This is the Overwatch 2 game mode for all of you lone wolves out there, as it puts you in a match with seven other players in a free-for-all. In order to win, you need to be the first to reach 20 kills.

Overwatch 2 game modes - An Overwatch 2 map showing a scene showing a courtyard enclosed with nice architecture and ornate facades


As the name suggests, this game mode involves eliminations, which means that once the opposition shoots you down, you don’t get back up again. In order to win a round, your team must eliminate all enemies, and then to win the match, you need to be the first to claim victory in three rounds.

Capture the flag

Another classic team-based game mode commonly found in shooters is capture the flag. In order to win, your team needs to get the opposition’s flag and return it to your base, all while you also protect your own flag. Best prepare yourself, this match type tends to get a bit chaotic.


A classic game mode from the first Overwatch, escort involves escorting a payload to the delivery point at the end of the map in order to gain victory. Of course, to do so, you need to keep the opposition at bay, and that’s easier said than done.


This game mode combines assault from the first Overwatch and escort. Essentially, both teams duke it out to gain control over the section in which the payload sits. Once a squad controls the area, they can begin to escort it to the other side of the map. The first team to successfully deliver the payload wins.

There you have it, all of the Overwatch 2 game modes. For even more great activities to enjoy with your friends, check out our best Switch multiplayer games list.