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Overwatch 2 weapons - how do I customise them?

For a hero shooter, Overwatch 2’s weapons work a little differently from what you might expect in something like Valorant, so read on to learn more about them

A character from Overwatch 2, weapon-wielding in a darkly lit room, wearing a futuristic sort of armour.

Overwatch is a unique shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. With a focus on the many heroes available, all of whom have different abilities and weapons themselves, rather than loadout customisation. Overwatch 2 continues this trend.

So, there are two things you can do with your Overwatch 2 weapons. Firstly, if you know which hero you main, then you know which weapon you’re going to use, so all you can do is customise it. If not, then changing your character is the equivalent of changing your weapon. Take a look at our Overwatch 2 tier list if you need help deciding.

So, to fully understand this unique setup, we’ve outlined all the different Overwatch 2 characters’ weapons to help you learn more about their differences. Before that, however, we explain how to customise your favourite character’s weapon. Spoiler: there aren’t too many options at launch. We’ve also got news on Overwatch 2 queues if you want to read more about how the game’s launch went, or Overwatch 2 skins guide to see some other customisation options.

How do I customise my Overwatch 2 weapons?

To change the way your Overwatch 2 weapons look, just follow these steps:

  • Launch Overwatch 2 (duh!)
  • Head to the heroes gallery
  • Choose a hero
  • Head to the bottom of the menu and select weapons
  • Choose a new skin for your weapon

For now, the only options I have on my personal account are the standard skins and a golden variation. That’s bound to change in the future, however. You can also add weapon charms, which you can learn all about in our Overwatch 2 collectibles guide.

Sojourn posing with her Overwatch 2 weapon, crouching in a jungle scene with a green outfit and red headband.

Every Overwatch 2 weapon

Here’s every hero’s primary Overwatch 2 weapon:

  • Ana – Biotic Rifle

Ana’s Biotic Rifle fires projectiles that do damage and heal, making her a key support character. It also has a scoped option.

  • Ashe – The Viper

Ashe’s weapon is known as The Viper, and offers immediate damage to enemies with the projectiles it shoots. It also has a scoped option.

  • Baptiste – Biotic Launcher

Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher has two types of fire: standard projectiles and a healing explosive projectile, making him a great healer.

  • Bastion – recon, sentry, or tank

Bastion is unique, a robot that can take different configurations. As recon, they’re a pretty standard Overwatch 2 weapon. They can be a sentry with a railgun with more spread. Or you can go for the tank, with large explosive projectiles.

  • Brigitte – Rocket Flail

While they’re in a support role, Brigitte’s primary weapon is a melee attack that can hit numerous enemies. However, they have various healing abilities to compensate.

  • Cassidy – Peacekeeper

Cassidy’s primary weapon fires a single shot or multiple shots depending on which type of fire you use, leading them to be a powerful DPS choice.

  • D.Va – Fusion Cannons and Light Gun

D.Va’s fusion cannons don’t need to be reloaded but slow her movement speed when in use. She also has a Light Gun that fires projectiles, but it’s an ability with a cooldown.

  • Doomfist – Hand Cannon

Doomfist is aptly named. His hand cannon fires a shotgun-like projectile from his fist.

  • Echo – Tri-Shot

Echo fires three shots at once, which I’m sure you could’ve guessed from the name of their Overwatch 2 weapon.

  • Genji – Shuriken

Genji throws three shurikens at a time at a specific target, but also has an alternate fire with more spread.

  • Hanzo – Storm Bow

Hanzo’s Storm Boy does damage to a specific area but also reduces his movement speed slightly. The projectiles are subject to gravity, unlike most other characters.

  • Junker Queen – Scattergun and Jagged Blade

Junker Queen’s Scattergun does what it says on the tin, it scatters bullets (basically it’s a shotgun). She also has a blade to damage enemies quickly.

Mercy with her Overwatch 2 weapon, a long staff, over her shoulder, with large red and gold wings and a white outfit.

  • Junkrat – Frag Launcher

Junkrat uses a grenade launcher that fires an exploding projectile quite some distance. They bounce until they hit an enemy and explode.

  • Kiriko – Healing Ofuda and Kunai

Kiriko’s Healing Ofuda are similar to Genji’s shurikens, except they heal your allies. They can also throw kunai to deal damage.

  • Lúcio – Sonic Amplifier

The Sonic Amplifier fires sonic projectiles to damage enemies, but Lúcio, as a support hero, can increase allies’ movement speed or health with their abilities.

  • Mei – Endothermic Blaster

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster fires icicle projectiles to damage opponents. They also have multiple strategic abilities.

  • Mercy – Caduceus Staff & Blaster

Mercy’s staff heals allies or boosts their damage dealing, and it has a lock-on system to make supporting your team easier. They also have a blaster to damage opponents if need be.

  • Moira – Biotic Grasp

Moira heals allies with her biotic energy with one hand, while the other steals enemies’ health and heals her.

  • Orisa – Fusion Driver

Orisa’s Fusion Driver fires continuously with some spread, while slowing her movement speed.

  • Pharah – Rocket Launcher

With their Rocket Launcher in hand, Pharah fires massive explosive projectiles with a large explosion radius.

  • Reaper – Hellfire Shotguns

Reaper wields two shotguns in each hand, helping them deal lots of damage. Their special uses them in a whirlwind of gunshots.

  • Reinhardt – Rocket Hammer

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer is a massive melee Overwatch 2 weapon that twirls around damaging numerous enemies at close range.

  • Roadhog – Scrap Gun

Roadhog’s shotgun fires short-range projectiles with a decent spread allowing you to damage multiple enemies.

  • Sigma – Hyperspheres

Sigma is like a magical grenade launcher, firing orbs that explode to damage enemies but can also bounce off walls.

The Junker Queen with her Overwatch 2 weapon sat in a wooden walled room with deer heads mounted on the wall.

  • Sojourn – Railgun

Sojourn does damage with a railgun, firing projectiles which help charge up her secondary ability.

  • Soldier 76 – Heavy Pulse Rifle

Soldier 76 is the best introductory character for newbies, with a straightforward assault rifle that damages enemies immediately.

  • Sombra – Machine Pistol

Sombra’s Machine Pistol is an automatic Overwatch 2 weapon with great damage at short range.

  • Symmetra – Photon Projector

Symmetra’s primary fire shoots a beam that does damage when it touches an enemy, while their secondary lets out an orb projectile.

  • Torbjörn – Rivet Gun and Forge Hammer

The Rivet Gun is perfectly named, shooting rivets a long distance from a molten metal-powered Overwatch 2 weapon. Their Forge Hammer is used to fix their turrets, though you could use it on enemies if need be.

  • Tracer – Pulse Pistols

Tracer’s Pulse Pistols burst fire quickly in a group of three to do maximum damage as she zips around the map.

  • Widowmaker – Widow’s Kiss

Widow’s Kiss is primarily a sniper rifle, but can also be used at closer range in a rapid-fire mode.

  • Winston – Tesla Cannon

Winston is a large gorilla with a Tesla Cannon, a short-range Overwatch 2 weapon that lets out electricity. Sounds like a bad combo to me.

  • Wrecking Ball – Quad Cannons

Wrecking Ball has large cannons that do lots of damage to enemies, though they’re not ideal at close range.

  • Zarya – Particle Cannon

Zarya utilises the Particle Cannon’s beam to do constant damage to enemies or throw exploding projectiles.

  • Zenyatta – Orb of Destruction

Zenyatta throws orbs that hit an exact target, have no spread, and aren’t subject to gravity.

There you have it, all the Overwatch 2 weapons available and how to customise them. For more, check out our Overwatch 2 characters, Overwatch 2 maps, and Overwatch 2 phone number guides to stay up to date.