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The best parkour games 2024

Parkour games are a great way to get out and explore a virtual city without getting your knees scraped, so we’ve got all the best on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Parkour games -- four characters all covered in white. In the middle, the character has black hair and tie, black gun aloft, white horns and jacket and shirt and gloves. On the right is similar but red haired and wolflike. Lower down is a rabbitlike masked pink haired short character.

Parkour games are sort of few and far between – but some of the best mobile and Switch games have running through city streets at their core, even if it doesn’t seem obvious at first. So, if you want to jump over rooftops without the vertigo, we’ve grabbed our favourites.

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Anyway, here are our picks for parkour games you can play on the go:

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Neon White – Switch

Neon White is a really special indie game. It’s got hyperfast action as you zoom across bright white rooftops and gun down enemies, picking up different soul cards, which let you use new movement abilities. It’s not parkour to a T, but it’s all about moving through and over buildings as quickly as possible. And, better yet, it’s darn good fun.

Parkour games -- five pirates on the deck of a ship. In the middle is a hooded pirate in white pirate garb with two swords held out. The rest are about as generic as pirates get. Proper piratey pirate stuff.

Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection – Switch

Assassin’s Creed took parkour to the mainstream, leading to some excellent cities to traverse as one of the countless in-game murder-obsessives. The Rebel Collection, with the ace Black Flag and good-enough Rogue, offers fewer cities than other ACs, but when you do reach port from a long journey across the sea, scurrying through fields and up pirate hideouts still feels amazing.

Parkour games -- three silhouettes in different scenes doing acrobatic parkour moves.

Vector: Parkour Run – mobile

Vector was my childhood, and I’m glad, having revisited it, that I had good taste as a youngun. The game is all about escaping a security guard, running left to right through office buildings as a silhouette. Simple taps of the touch screen let you bound over obstacles, and getting into a flow is a wonderful feeling. Seriously revisit this game if you haven’t, it’s pretty excellent.

Parkour games -- a humanoid with a sword dashes through a neon alley through some silhouetted enemies

Ghostrunner – Switch

Ghostrunner is another game with so much going on its easy to forget it’s got parkour-ish bits in it. In reality, it’s just some first-person platforming bits, but you’re a humanoid after all, so it’s parkour in my book. And, ever since Jumping Flash, first-person platforming has been great fun. Come for that, stay for the cyberpunk hack-and-slash action piled atop it.

Parkour games -- two hooded men. On the right the man is wearing brown ornate outfit looking forward with Istanbul behind him. On the left the man is in white with Acre behind him.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection – Switch

Uh oh, another murder simulator! This time we’re in Italy though so it’s classier. The three AC games in The Ezio Collection all feature excellent cities to explore, and going back to Istanbul on the Switch in Revelations game me a new appreciation for a sidelined gem (as you can read in my Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection review). Load it up, run across the Mediterranean, and don’t forget to kill some strangers along the way.

Parkour games -- a human in a sort of hazmat suit all yellow fist pumps in front of construction-esque bric-a-brac and fiery lava.

Hot Lava – mobile

Lava is hot, in case you didn’t know. Now, imagine that all the floor is lava. Wouldn’t that be scary! Well, that’s the game everyone played as a kid across the sofas in the living room, and someone made it a virtual reality. Again, this is really just a platformer, but not in the traditional sense, and it’s full of nonsense joy that’s great for a few hours – and it’s on Apple Arcade.

There you have some parkour games. Have fun with them, or check out the best Apple Arcade games to find something a little different. Bye!