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Scooter games on Switch and mobile

Scooter games are a great way to relive your childhood or hit the skate park without a skateboard, and we’ve got the best on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Scooter games - Scooter from Animal Crossing new Leaf -- a duck-like humanoid -- on a mango yellow background gesturing to a Vespa-style scooter covered in Animal Crossing materials.

Scooting around on a little scooter and being a silly little scooter boy sure does sound like fun – but it’s raining outside. So, I’ve started hunting for the best scooter games available on Nintendo Switch and mobile. And, better yet, I’m bringing them to you, too, so we can all be little super scooters together.

Anyway, once you’ve read up on all the best scooter games, we’ve got even more for you. There are cricket games, rugby games, and football games to keep it sporty. Alternatively, we can help you play snake or play tic-tac-toe wherever we can find it. We’ve really got it all.

Anyway, here are our favourite scooter games.

Scooter games -- various scooters floating superimposed on a blurred night scene.

Touchgrind Scooter – mobile

The Touchgrind series gives your fingers the chance to tap away at an unmanned vehicle and do some tricks. And while looking at a scooter flying through the air driverless is a bit odd, flicking the thing around, riding rails around town, and climbing the scoring ranks sure is good fun.

Scooter games -- a shot from GTA Vice City showing three men in suits on some red stairs. On the left, the man is wearing a white suit, the man on the right a purple suit and holding a briefcase, and the man in the middle a black suit.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Switch and mobile

While the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remaster isn’t the best in the world, you can still play the originals on mobile, and all the games are full of different vehicles to get around on. They’re excellent games, and with the Faggio – GTA’s version of a Vespa – you can get around in Italian style while doing some virtual murder.

Scooter games -- a screenshot from Animal Crossing New Horizons showing a woman with ginger hair sitting on a tree stump on the beach by some water and a fire.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Switch

Our friend in the header image up above is Scooter from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Meanwhile, you can get both types of scooters – Vespa or playground-style – to decorate your island in New Horizons, too. All this is to say that, while AC isn’t really what you think of when you think about scooter games, it does fit on this list and it’s excellent. A great game, and I won’t hear any complaints about its presence here. For more, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers guide, or the best games like Animal Crossing.

Scooter games -- a man jumps off a ramp on a scooter in the city streets

Street Lines: Scooter – mobile

Street Lines: Scooter is some excellent, wonky, silly fun. It’s a sidescrolling, trick-filled, videogame – and while the graphics are pretty ropey, its style just adds more fun to the whole experience. The tiny handful of frames each character has for animation is part of the whole fun, for me at least.

Scooter games -- a shot from MK8 showing a cartoon dog in a car driving along a sandy road with some other kart racers behind her.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the definitive Switch racing game – and one of the best-selling videogames of all time. Not only that, it’s full of different motorbikes and scooters – Vespa style – for you to glide around on. That, plus fresh DLC coming thick and not-so-fast nowadays, there’s a bunch to do. For more, we’ve got Mario Kart characters, Mario Kart tracks, and Mario Kart Hot Wheels.

Scooter games -- a woman on a scooter jumping in a skate park bounding off of a graffitied wall.

Scooter FE3D2 – mobile

Scooter FE3D2 takes the Tony Hawk approach to taking to the skate park. With a third-person camera, a map creator, and various tricks to pull off. As usual, these mobile titles are slightly more limited than the big fancy counterparts – but it’s more than enough fun for a quick bus ride, with a bunch to do.

There you have it, all the scooter games worth giving a go on Switch and mobile. For more, check out our GTA V Nintendo Switch and Madden Nintendo Switch speculation guides for more future possibilities on the go.