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How to play Snake on mobile and Switch

Check out how to play Snake on mobile and Switch if you're in the mood for some retro nostalgia - just like the good old days, you can slither around and eat.

Play Snake on mobile and Switch - a game of Snake on an old phone screen

While mobile gaming has come a long way since the early days of tiny green screens, Nokia 3310 buttons, and black pixels, we all feel a little nostalgic sometimes, which is why we’ve gathered this list of titles that allow you to play Snake on mobile and Switch. From pixel-by-pixel emulations of the Snake you remember to whacky, colorful Snake-inspired adventures, you’re bound to find something to scratch that Snake itch.

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Anyway, here are the different ways to play Snake on Switch and mobile.

Play Snake 97' game screenshot, showing the snake on an old phone screen

Snake ‘97: Retro Phone Classic

Google Play / App Store

If you’re really missing the good old Nokia brick days, back when a phone could fall down three flights of stairs and break the floor at the bottom instead of cracking its screen, then Snake ‘97 is the mobile game for you.

Not only does it emulate the good old green-screen classic version of the game, complete with a partially peeled-off screen protector and flecks in the display, it even fills half of your screen with an emulation of the phone itself. Enjoy a real dose of nostalgia with classic maps, a dot-matrix display, and monotone sounds.

Play Snake Game mobile screenshot, showing a snake collecting snacks

Snake Game

Google Play / App Store

Another nostalgic adventure, Snake Game takes you through multiple generations of the classic title itself, from the dot-matrix display era through to the smooth, multicoloured serpent.

Using the simple, touchscreen directional pad at the bottom, navigate your way through Classic Snake, Retro Snake, Snack on Steroids, and Snake Master, snagging boosts along the way. There’s even a snake rewind option, if you need a little extra help getting back into the slither of things.

Play Snake on mobile with this Blocky Snake game. Screenshot showing multiple 3D blocky snakes navigating and isometric level

Blocky Snake

Google Play / App Store

If you’re looking for something a bit different to scratch that classic Snake itch and you’re a fan of cubey games like Minecraft, then Blocky Snake might just be the game for you. This title follows the tried and tested formula – you’re a snake, you collect food, but for some reason bumping into walls or your own tail leads to fatal consequences.

However, this time it’s isometric, with 3D, blocky snakes slithering around a cube-based world. You can even unlock skins and unique items, and can challenge your friends in multiplayer modes.

Snake vs Snake

For a classic Snake experience on Switch, Snake vs Snake is a great choice. It’s cheap and cheerful and features an endearingly simple, almost paper-craft art style.

Describing itself as ‘inspired by old classical Snake but with a much faster arcade pace’, Snake vs Snake features multiple maps and challenges and even supports up to six players in the mad-cap battle mode.

Classic Snake Adventures

Classic Snake Adventures is a reboot to the original from ‘97, featuring charming, hand-drawn 2D art as a backdrop to your 3D snake shenanigans.

With 100 rounds set across five unique worlds, along with 20 beastly bosses to battle, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Plus, your snake has a whole heap of new abilities, allowing you to change its size, speed, and more mid-game.

The Snake King

In this top-down puzzler, the Snake series is given a fresh twist, as the classic snake himself has returned to claim the crown. The Snake King sees you take control of a 3D snake in an adorably stylistic world.

Make your way through five worlds consisting of over 150 specially designed dungeons and procedurally generated arcade levels, as you snag magical power-ups and conquer all to achieve glory.

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