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Path To Nowhere tier list and reroll guide

Get on the right path with our Path to Nowhere tier list and reroll guide, featuring all the best heroes to help you in this mobile real-time tower defence SRPG

Path To Nowhere tier list - a character holding a flower to her face

Welcome to the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control, chief. It’s time to defend your tower! Of course, you should make sure your team is up to snuff first by checking out this Path to Nowhere tier list. Informing you of all the strongest characters in the game, with our help you’ll be the top dog in this SRPG real-time tower defence game in no time.

We’ve also included a Path to Nowhere reroll guide below, just in case you don’t pull the characters you want. If, however, you find yourself on a lucky streak, why not try pulling all the top picks on our AFK Arena tier list, Another Eden tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, or Epic Seven tier list.

Path to Nowhere tier list

Here are our opinions on where each character falls in terms of overall strength and utility. Keep in mind that all tier lists are intended as a guideline only, and every character has the opportunity to shine well with the right player and lineup.

Tier Path to Nowhere character
S Baiyi, Demon, Eirene, Hamel, Labyrinth, Langley, Nox
A Aerial, Bai Yi, Chelsea, Crache, Demolia, EMP, Enfer, Hecate, Luvia Ray, McQueen, Pricila, RouLecca, Victoria, Zoya
B Anne, Cinnabar, Flora, Ingis, Joan, Kava, KK, Macchiato, Mess, Ninety-nine, Olifer, Pacassi, Peggy, Sumire, Tetra, Wendy, Wolverine
C Chameleon, Che, Dolly, Fox, Gekkabijin, Hella, Hero, Iron, Kelvin, Lisa, Pepper

Path to Nowhere tier list - a character throwing coins up into the air joyously

How do I perform a Path to Nowhere reroll?

Performing a Path to Nowhere reroll is a little tricky, as there doesn’t seem to be an option to log in with a guest account. This means you either need to have multiple Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts so you can log into a new one if you don’t get the characters you want, as it seems like deleting your Path to Nowhere account then making a new one with the same email takes anywhere between 24 hours and 15 days to process.

As such, we recommend doing the following to perform a Path to Nowhere reroll.

  • Launch Path to Nowhere
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Pull on the banner – the beginner’s banner is guaranteed to give you one S rank guaranteed unit at a discount during your first ten-pull
  • If you don’t get the S rank character you want and are feeling patient, log out and log in again with a different email, Twitter, or facebook account
  • Rinse, repeat, until you get what you need!

That’s it for our Path to Nowhere tier list and reroll guide. For more gacha goodness, check out our list of the best gacha games. We’ve also got a guide on how to delete apps on iPhone so you can make some room for all these awesome titles.