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Roblox game Pet Simulator X refunds NFT project purchases

Roblox game Pet Simulator X’s NFT project is over, with players receiving refunds and in-game tradeables to make up for the confusion

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The Pet Simulator X NFT project is seemingly over. Thanks to the Roblox reporting site RTC, we know that in the last few days, developer BIG Games has been handing out refunds for NFTs purchased, with players able to keep the tradeable in-game item. So, it’s good news, right?

Well, kind of. The problem with the refund is that players purchased the NFTs using the cryptocurrency Ethereum, or ETH, which has since depreciated in value from the original point of sale in November 2021. It’s a big drop too, with the popular crypto option down by over 50% in the last fifteen months.

Of course, the crypto crash isn’t the fault of the developer, with little way of knowing back in 2021 that the industry was set to tank in the immediate future, but it’s still a bit of a raw deal for those who picked up a Pet Simulator X NFT. Sure, there’s a tradeable item in it, but it could be months, maybe even years, before Ethereum returns to the level of value it was at the time of purchase.

The one positive to take from this is that it’s yet another sign that gaming and NFTs aren’t a match made in heaven, as some people thought. All of this comes after the furore surrounding the lack of progress from Jake Paul’s Cryptozoo project, which forced an apology from the YouTuber after some excellent expose work from Coffeezilla. It now seems other developers are keen to avoid that backlash.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the winding down of the Pet Simulator X NFT project. While you’re here, be sure to check out our picks for the best Roblox gamesRoblox promo codes, and Roblox game codes, with the latter including Pet Simulator X codesKing Legacy codes, Bee Swarm Simulator codes, and Nuke Simulator codes.