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Pixel Heroes tier list July 2024

Check out our Pixel Heroes tier list to see where your favorite characters rank and work out who's worthy of your hard-earned resources.

Pixel heroes tier list - three characters' official art over a blurred background

Whether you’re just starting on a new adventure or you’ve already got an arsenal of characters on your account, our Pixel Heroes tier list can help you out. Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond takes you on a classic medieval mission filled with magic and might, where characters range from three- to five-stars, and common, elite, epic, legendary, and myth rarities.

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Pixel Heroes tier list

Here are all the Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond characters ranked from S-tier down to C-tier. Remember, just because someone is in C-tier, doesn’t mean they’re terrible – if you enjoy playing them, then go ahead and use them. If you’re looking for which characters to aim for, then we suggest those in the top tiers, though.

Rank Pixel Heroes characters
S Camarilla Bloodline – Toreador, Floriya – Melissa, God of Time – Cronos, Goddess of War – Valkyrie, Psychopomp – Charon, Shroud Walker – Chen, Star Guardian – Freyja, Succubus Adlith – Morrigan, Demonborn – Theresa
A Acolyte – Raphaela, Barbarian – Puck, Blast Bunny – Alice, Dawn Paladin – Brigitte, Divine Hammer – Frostie, Divine Dancer – Gronru, Dragonborn – Mona, Ent – Garret, Eternal Spear – Irelia, Forest Princess – Elena, Fuzzy Prowler – Anata, God of Death – Thanatos, Goddess of Death – Hela, Green Ranger – Caroline, Lost Torrent – Yuna, Lady Justice – Themis, Iron Fist – Ryu-Lin, King of Uruk – Gil, Moonborn – Hudson, Siren – Syndra, Snowflakes – Annelia, Stellar Master – Alkaid, Wings of Wish – White Star
B Bard – William, Blizzard – Thrall, Bounty Hunter – Edha, Duo Lancer – Minos, Glory Excalibur – Allande, Ice Guardian – Ainu, Lionheart – Gur, Novice Magician – Lilith, Phoenix – Garuda, Shaman – Abka, Shepherd’s Dream – Sicinina, Silver Hunter – Diana, Spirit Prophet Zorshan, Rogue – Lynch, Whisper of Wind – Royelle
C Archer – Darcy, Deadeye – Jelika, Federal Leader – Tver, Hunter – Aivenk, Merchant – Todd, Novice Swordsman – Executor, Orc – Jac, Slime – Mumu
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How do I get more Pixel Heroes characters?

Pixel Heroes has a gacha system for you to get new characters from, with higher rarities coming every once in a while. To get some shiny new heroes, open the Sanctum menu. Here, you can head to the hero summons option, and then choose one of the three banners to pull on for your preferred character.

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