Echocalypse tier list and reroll guide

Looking for an Echocalypse tier list? Let us help you build the best possible team in this post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG and destroy your opponents in style

echocalypse tier list: key art for the game Echocalypse shows several anime girls enjoying each others company

Echocalypse is a mobile RPG, using a team of stylish warriors to face off against countless foes, all set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world with some fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. It’s a fun way to while away the hours, and one of our favourite F2P titles on mobile, but you won’t get very far without using the right characters.

Our Echocalypse tier list is here to help, splitting the many equippable heroes into groups based on their stats and effectiveness, so you can use the best of your pulls and blast through the brilliant adventure, without wasting hours with the wrong crew. With so many heroes to choose from (and Yoozoo Games constantly adding more) it can be hard to choose, so don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you.

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Let’s dive into our Echocalypse tier list guide.

Echocalypse tier list

echocalypse tier list: key art for the game Echocalypse shows several anime girls enjoying each others company

Our Echocalypse tier list sorts the different heroes by their stats and overall effectiveness in battle, you can find our full list below. Different characters have different uses, so while Pan pan is useful for her shield, someone like Firentia is a damage dealer that can cause absolute carnage. But, we’ve done our best to sort them all here.

Tier Echocalypse character
SS PanPan, Audrey, Horus
S Aiken, Firentia, Fenriru, Vivi
A MC, Niz, Zawa, Yulia, Set, Deena, Nephtys, Kiki
B Beam, Garula, Raeon, Tawaret, Gryph, Wadjet
C Baphomet, Stara, Regina, Camelia

How do I perform an Echocalypse reroll?

If you don’t get the character you want, we have some detailed instructions on how you can perform an Echocalypse reroll below.

  • Select ‘Account’ in the bottom-right of the home screen
  • Then sign in as a guest
  • Create your character
  • Play up to level 24
  • Grind your character up to level 20
  • Draw as many characters as you can
  • If you don’t get your desired character, uninstall and reinstall the game to repeat the process as many times as you like!

That’s it for now folks, but we hope this Echocalypse tier list and reroll guide sets you off in the right direction. If you have any arguments or recommendations, be sure to get in touch over at the Pocket Tactics Facebook account. For even more great content, be sure to check out our Wild Rift tier list next.