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The best point and click games in 2024

Looking for some point and click game recommendations? Our guide is here to help with the best choices on Switch and mobile right now.

point and click games - two characters from Wolf Among Us looking toward the camera

Sometimes we need a break from blasting enemies with a controller rumbling away, and a great way to do that is to play the best point and click games available on Switch and mobile platforms. Here you’ll find detective games, mysteries, sci-fi, and more to keep you occupied.

Not got enough games to play? Then we have even more recommendations. Why not try some of the best hidden object games and puzzle games out there for more head-scratchers, or for something a bit different, grab these city builder games on Switch.

Here are our picks of the best point and click games on Switch and mobile.

Lil' Guardsman - an old lady speaking to a young girl and a man in a booth

Lil’ Guardsman – Switch

If you fancy a fun, well-animated, and humorous experience, we recommend Lil’ Guardsman. It’s like a Cartoon Network-ified version of Papers, Please, where you take over working as the city guard, vetting any visitors that want entry.

Check out our Lil’ Guardsman review here for a deeper look at the game where a cupboard of tools are at your disposal, along with key members of the court – though, don’t get on their bad side.

point and click games - Frog Detective answering a phone in a green room

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery – Switch

If you want an easy, funny, and relaxing point-and-click game to play, look no further than Frog Detective. The Switch game bundles together all three episodes of the Frog’s adventures, where he’s enlisted to help crack some wacky cases.

Head to a haunted island, a mysterious woodland, and a cowboy-themed desert town to solve the problems hounding the inhabitants. The gameplay is super simple, you wander around as your froggy self and use a magnifying glass to search for clues, click on them, and investigate. For a full rundown, check out our Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery review.

point and click games - A haunted location in Thimbleweed Park with a ghost floating toward a human

Thimbleweed Park – Switch and mobile

A point-and-click game this may be, but a walking simulator it is not, according to the official description. Puzzles wait at every turn as you interact with your surroundings and unravel the story of Thimbleweed Park.

There are five different characters that you play as, switching between them to see different perspectives and access new areas. Interestingly, they’re all drawn to the town and have never met. But there is a connection, and it’s up to you to discover it, along with clues about the very mysterious goings on surrounding Thimbleweed.

point and click games - Two characters sat at a campfire on a cliff in Return To Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island – Switch

Head back to the acclaimed Monkey Island series with the aptly titled Return to Monkey Island. Guybrush Threepwood is back once again to tackle plenty of swashbuckling puzzles and point and click your way across the islands.

But, something is different – new leaders on the islands mean that all is not well, and crime is on the rise. Your job is to once again try and uncover the secret of Monkey Island while dodging rival pirate crews.

point and click games - two humanoid characters in Lost In Play sailing a boat towards a monster

Lost in Play – Switch and mobile

Lost in Play boasts a delightful art style reminiscent of cartoons like Gravity Falls, matching the whimsical nature of the game perfectly. The story follows a brother and sister duo trying to get back home. Along the way, there are plenty of friends and foes and fantastical settings to discover from goblins to talking animals and more.

The game itself isn’t too long, but you lose yourself in puzzles, mini-games, and adventure with your sibling – and finding items to trade with the people you meet. Lost In Play is available on Switch and all mobile platforms, so is perfect to play on the go.

point and click games - The Room's first puzzle box in a dark attic room

The Room – Switch and mobile

The Room is a cornerstone of puzzle games at this point, and has a delightfully simple way of playing – use the touchscreen on the Switch to move a central object around, and click things to try and figure out how to open the mystery boxes.

If you wanna know more, check out our The Room review ten years on. And, if one game isn’t enough, there are sequels available to play, too.

point and click games - A conversation in Ghost Trick between two characters in different scenes

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Switch

Perhaps you want to be a detective, but don’t want to be a frog – well, Ghost Trick may be for you instead. You must solve your own murder. Yep, you read that right. You get shot and wake up as a ghostly incorporeal detective, and must find out who inconvenienced you.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a really good remake of a classic puzzly, point-and-clicky game. You only have a few hours as a ghost to figure out what happened, and in that time, you can use objects and even manipulate time itself to help you find all the clues.

point and click games - Wolf Among Us' sherriff looking into a cursed mirror with a flying monkey coming towards him

Wolf Among Us – mobile

Telltale Games’ classic Wolf Among Us is available to play on mobile through the Netflix Games service, and why it’s not on Switch yet is beyond us. Anyway, it’s a great adventure based on the Fables comic book series and sees you take on the role of Sheriff Bigby Wolf.

It’s set in the 80s around New York, and in the game, you meet modernized versions of classic fairytale characters, caught up in a murder mystery. It’s your job to work through different areas and crime scenes investigating items and suspects to figure out just what went down in Fabletown.

point and click games - a puzzling level in Nowhere House showing a coat rack, TV, and a window

Nowhere House – mobile

Though Nowhere House is part of the Hidden Town Escape games by Dark Dome and is technically number three, you can play the games in any order. Legend tells of an abandoned house that greets anyone who enters with peril – an old witch once lived there and cursed the area.

You decide to head into said house, and enter a point and click adventure spanning three parallel worlds. In these planes of existence, you meet people trapped inside the house, who you need to help escape. Mystery, intrigue, and plenty of puzzles await you in Nowhere House.

point and click games - Grim Fandango characters standing on a boat at night in a city

Grim Fandango Remastered – Switch

Grim Fandango Remastered brings the now decades-old adventure to modern consoles with upgraded textures and lighting, and a fresh control scheme.

You are Manny Calavera, a travel agent working with those unfortunate souls as they make their final journey. Grim Fandango follows him for four years as he works to get himself out of a conspiracy that takes him into the afterlife itself. The game takes inspiration from classic film noir pieces like Casablanca, mixed with a Dia de los Muertos influence for the characters and setting.

point and click games - A choice of speech options in Oxenfree

Oxenfree – Switch and mobile

Oxenfree takes you on a journey as a group of friends, who set out to have a party on an island and are now investigating a ghostly rift in the very fabric of spacetime. Each decision you make can have different effects, so watch what you pick. Playing the game is easy, though, as you wander through delightfully painted maps and interact with objects and people along your path.

There’s also a sequel so you can carry on your adventure in the same universe – you can check out our Oxenfree II review right here.

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