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Pokémon BDSP exclusives - all Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl exclusives

Struggling to choose between Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? We’re here to help, with our Pokémon BDSP exclusives list

Pokémon BDSP exclusives; a trainer trying to catch a Pokémon

Pokémon is a franchise that truly needs no introduction. Beloved by multiple generations worldwide, millions of you have partaken in the pocket monster phenomenon over the last few decades. And with Pokémon BDSP hitting Switch, Pokémasters old and new are returning to the world of elemental critters and grand battles, testing their mettle in the arena and scouring lands far and wide.

If you’re familiar with the previous Pokémon games, you’ll know that Nintendo usually releases two versions for each generation, with exclusive Pokémon tied to their respective cartridges. So, if you don’t want to buy both versions, that creates a bit of a dilemma – which should you get? Well, that’s where we come in! With our Pokémon BDSP exclusives guide, we’ll tell you which critters are Pokémon Brilliant Diamond exclusives, and which ones are Pokémon Shining Pearl exclusives, so you’ll know exactly which version has your favourite picks. With our help, you’ll be shouting ‘I choose you!’ and clicking ‘add to basket’ in no time.

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Now, let’s get into our list of the Pokémon BDSP exclusives.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond exclusives; Scyther and Arcanine

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond exclusives

These are all the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond exclusives.

Pokémon name Pokémon  type
#010: Caterpie Bug
#011: Metapod Bug
#012: Butterfree Bug/flying
#023: Ekans Poison
#024: Arbok Poison
#058: Growlithe Fire
#059: Arcanine Fire
#086: Seel Water
#087: Dewgong Water/ice
#123: Scyther Bug/flying
#125: Electabuzz Electric
#198: Murkrow Dark/flying
#207: Gligar Ground/flying
#212: Scizor Bug/steel
#239: Elekid Electric
#246: Larvitar Rock/ground
#247: Pupitar Rock/ground
#248: Tyranitar Rock/ground
#273: Seedot Grass
#274: Nuzleaf Grass/dark
#275: Shiftry Grass/dark
#303: Mawile Steel/fairy
#335: Zangoose Normal
#338: Solrock Rock/psychic
#352: Kecleon Normal
#408: Cranidos Rock
#409: Rampardos Rock
#430: Honchkrow Dark/flying
#434: Stunky Poison/dark
#435: Skuntank Poison/dark
#466: Electivire Electric
#472: Gliscor Ground/flying
#483: Dialga Steel/dragon

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond legendary exclusives; Raikou and Suicune

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond exclusive legendaries

When you defeat the Elite Four and get to the post-game stage of Pokémon BDSP, you gain access to a new area called Ramanas Park. Here, you can encounter a variety of legendary Pokémon. Of course, there are some version exclusives. Here are the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond exclusive legendaries.

Pokémon name Pokémon  type
#243: Raikou Electric
#244: Entei Fire
#245: Suicune Water
#250: Ho-Oh Fire/flying

Pokémon Shining Pearl exclusives; Ninetails, Slowking

Pokémon Shining Pearl exclusives

These are all the Pokémon Shining Pearl exclusives.

Pokémon name Pokémon type
#013: Weedle Bug/poison
#014: Kakuna Bug/poison
#015: Beedrill Bug/poison
#027: Sandshrew Ground
#028: Sandslash Ground
#037: Vulpix Fire
#038: Ninetails Fire
#079: Slowpoke Water/psychic
#080: Slowbro Water/psychic
#126: Magmar Fire
#127: Pinsir Bug
#199: Slowking Water/psychic
#200: Misdreavus Ghost
#216: Teddiursa Normal
#217: Ursaring Normal
#234: Stantler Normal
#240: Magby Fire
#249: Lugia Psychic/flying
#270: Lotad Water/grass
#271: Lombre Water/grass
#272: Ludicolo Water/grass
#302: Sableye Dark/ghost
#336: Seviper Poison
#337: Lunatone Rock/psychic
#371: Bagon Dragon
#372: Shelgon Dragon
#373: Salamence Dragon/flying
#410: Shieldon Rock/steel
#411: Bastiodon Rock/steel
#429: Mismagius Ghost
#431: Glameow Normal
#432: Purugly Normal
#467: Magmortar Fire
#484: Palkia Water/dragon

Pokémon Shining Pearl exclusive legendaries; Lugia and Articuno

Pokémon Shining Pearl exclusive legendaries

As with the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond exclusive legendaries, these legendaries are exclusive to the Pokémon Shining Pearl version, and can be found in Ramanas Park after defeating the Elite Four.

Pokémon name Pokémon type
#144: Articuno Ice/flying
#145: Zapdos Electric/flying
#146: Moltres Fire/flying
#249: Lugia Psychic/flying

And that’s all of the Pokémon BDSP exclusives. Luckily, you can find one adorable ‘mon in both titles, take a look at our Pokémon BDSP Ditto guide if you need a little help tracking it down. If you’re looking for a fresh experience outside of the Pokéworld, head over to our list of the best Switch RPGs to find something new to play.

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