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Pokémon Unite download for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch

Our Pokémon Unite download guide details how to install the game on both mobile and Switch

A group of Pokémon Unite trainers welcoming you to the game

It’s fair to say that Pokémon Unite is continuing to make an impact, it was popular at launch, and it continues to be popular now, and why wouldn’t it be? Anything with the Pokémon brand attached to it is bound to generate plenty of fans. However, Pokémon Unite stands out in that it’s a MOBA, which is pretty different from the standard titles you usually see in Pokémon. Unite is a great introduction for MOBA beginners, and allows you to team up with four friends – or random players – for 5v5 matches, while also delivering a ranked matches system for those with a competitive edge.

If this title sounds like your cup of tea, our Pokémon Unite download guide has you covered, informing you how to install the game on its available platforms – iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, it’s a simple process, meaning you will be knee-deep in the action in no time.

Since you’re here, you might want to check out our Pokémon Unite tier list to see which Pokémon are in the game and where they rank. There’s a nice range of creatures available from varying generations, including fan-favourites such as Pokémon Unite’s Pikachu, Pokémon Unite’s Charizard, Pokémon Unite’s Zeraora, and newcomer, eeveelution, Pokémon Unite’s Sylveon.

Good news for all you mobile players out there, as the MOBA is available for both iOS and Android devices while also being incredibly easy to download.

Pokemon Unite's Slowbro using telekenisis

How do I download Pokémon Unite on iOS?

If you want to install Pokémon Unite on your Apple device, simply head to the App Store, search for the title, then click install.

How do I download Pokémon Unite on Android?

To pick up Pokémon Unite on Android devices, head over to Google Play, search for the title, then hit install. Hey presto, Pokémon Unite is now available on your smartphone.

How do I download Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch?

Just like on mobile, the Switch version of Pokémon Unite is free and straightforward to download. First of all, head to the eShop on your hardware. From there, search Pokémon Unite. Once the game pops up, click on it, then you will see the option to download it, simply hit the button, and that’s it. The title is available on your Switch.

There you have it, that’s everything you need to know to download Pokémon Unite. If you need to take a break from being a trainer, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs to find other titles that can keep you busy.