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Pokémon Unite Greedent build, items, and moveset

Learn everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite’s Greedent, from our preferred build to the best held and battle items

Pokémon Unite Greedent over an arena background

In Pokémon Unite, there are many cute and powerful creatures to choose from, one of these is a fluffy little friend named Greedent. Strangely, despite being minimally spooky, this fat-cheeked monster arrived in Unite alongside the Halloween update on October 20, and takes on the role of defender.

If you’re thinking about picking up Pokémon Unite’s Greedent with your hard-earned Aeos coins or gems, we’re here to help. This handy guide includes our recommended build, a list of all of its moves, and the best held and battle items for the adorable little critter.

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What is the Pokémon Unite Greedent release date?

Greedent is out now! You can pick it up from the store for 8,000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos gems.

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What is the Pokémon Unite’s Greedent moveset?

Learn more about each of Greedent’s moves and find out which attack we recommend you pick up.

Greedent’s passive ability

Move name Attack type Description
Cheek pouch Passive When Greedent eats a berry, it recovers HP after the original effects of the berry. It also stashes another berry in its tail, if it gets hit, it will drop the berry

Greedent’s early game abilities

You get to use both of these moves eventually, so it doesn’t matter too much what you pick. We prefer to go for tackle first, so that you can take down enemies quickly and pick up a bit of extra experience.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Defense curl Buff Eight seconds Greedent receives a shield and drops a berry
Tackle Dash Six seconds Greedent leaps towards an enemy, dealing damage and decreasing their movement speed

Greedent’s mid-game abilities

At level five you get to choose between a buff or a hindrance. As Greedent is a defender in Pokémon Unite, it makes more sense to pick up a move that helps it out with this role. Go with stuff cheeks for some heals in a pinch, or even a shield if you’re at full health.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Stuff cheeks Buff Eight seconds Greedent drops berries that recover HP. If you have full HP, the berries create a shield instead
Covet Hindrance Nine seconds  Greedent runs towards an enemy, causing damage and throwing them backwards. If you eat a dropped berry, movement speed is increased

Greedent’s late-game abilities

Now that you’re at level seven, you have another choice to make. As Greedent excels as a tank, we recommend that you grab belch, as you can slow down enemies, deal a little bit of damage, and even heal if you’ve managed to pick up a berry along the way.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Bullet seed Ranged Five seconds Greedent spits seeds at an enemy to deal damage and decrease their movement speed. The more berries you have stashed, the more damage this move does
Belch Ranged Five seconds  Deals damage and slows enemy movement speed. Any berry you have is consumed

Greedent’s end game ability

Here’s everything you need to know about Greedent’s unite move.

Move name Attack type Description
Berry belly flop Area Greedent eats a berry to recover HP, then leaps to a designated area to deal damage and push enemies back. You then eat a special berry that allows you to carry as many berries as you like for a short time, this also resets the cooldown for every move

Pokémon Unite's Greedent jumping next to its stats

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Greedent?

You can use three held items in Pokémon Unite, here are a few that play into Greedent’s strengths.

  • Buddy barrier
    • When Greedent uses its unite move, they and the nearby ally with the lowest HP receive a shield equal to 20% of their max HP
  • Focus band
    • When Greedent drops to low HP, it recovers 8% of the HP it lost each second for three seconds
  • Leftovers
    • When Greedent is not in combat, it recovers 1% of its max HP every second

What is the best battle item for Pokémon Unite’s Greedent?

You’re only allowed one battle item, but luckily, this is an easy pick for a good Greedent build.

  • Eject button
    • Greedent quickly moves to a designated location

And that’s it for our recommended Pokémon Unite Greedent build! If you’re interested in other defenders, take a look at our Pokémon Unite Snorlax and Pokémon Unite Mamoswine guides.