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Pokémon Unite medals - every medal and what they mean

Find out what those little badges and medals at the end of a match mean with our Pokémon Unite medals guide

Pikachu, Charmeleon, and Greninja by a goal

At the end of each Pokémon Unite match, you will see medals beneath players’ names, showing off what they achieved in that game. But what do they mean? With no names or explanations, it can be quite a mystery to new players – we certainly didn’t understand them when we first started playing.

No need to worry though, we’re here to help. In our Pokémon Unite medals guide we’ll break down the meaning of each badge, what they tell you about your match, and how to get them. Sadly, badges don’t give you any bonuses or extra points, they’re basically just a way to show who’s done a good job and how they helped. They’re a reason to pat yourself – or your teammates, on the back, even if you didn’t snatch the victory.

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What are Pokémon Unite medals?

As mentioned above, Pokémon Unite medals are the little icons that show up at the end of the game, highlighting what contributions you made to each match. Some come in silver and gold, while others are only awarded for the top scorer in each category. Check out the names in the following picture, and their meanings below.

A list of all the Pokemon Unite medals and their names, along with a Slowbro and Wigglytuff sat to the side

MVP medal – the MVP medal notes the player with the best performance overall in the game. If you grab this beauty, it means you gave the highest contribution to your team, which is calculated by a combination of KOs, assists, points scored, and any other support you gave your team

KO medal – the KO medal is, of course, awarded to the team member that got the highest number of KO’s (or knockouts) in the team

Assist medal – you get this badge if you got the highest number of assisted KOs in the team. Assists are counted as any KO you helped achieve, without getting the final hit. Whether you’re buffing your teammates or chipping down the enemy’s health, you’re offering useful assistance to your team

Heal medal – the heal badge is – surprise, surprise – awarded to the player that provided the most healing in the game. Whether you were healing your allies or yourself through moves and battle items, you truly were the medical superstar

Point medal – this badge is given out to the player who scored the most points throughout the match

Damage taken medal – you get this medal for soaking up the highest amount of damage throughout the match. Only damage dealt to you by enemy players counts though – no prize for getting yourself killed by a wild Pokémon

Goal interrupt medal – this one goes to the Pokémon who managed to interrupt the most goals that the enemy team were attempting to score

All-rounder medal – this badge comes in gold and silver based on how well you perform, and goes to the all-rounder type Pokémon that scored highest on the team. Get an MVP score 70 plus points for silver, 80 plus points for gold

Supporter medal – similar to the all-rounder medal, this one comes in gold and silver based on your performance, and goes to the highest-scoring support Pokémon. Get an MVP score 70 plus points for silver, 80 plus points for gold

Attacker medal – this medal is awarded to the highest-scoring attacker Pokémon on the team, and is given in gold and silver based on how well you performed. Get an MVP score 70 plus points for silver, 80 plus points for gold

Speedster medal – this is also available in gold and silver based on performance, it’s given to the speedster Pokémon with the highest score. Get an MVP score 70 plus points for silver, 80 plus points for gold

Defender medal – this one is given to the defender Pokémon with the highest score, in either gold or silver based on performance. Get an MVP score 70 plus points for silver, 80 plus points for gold

If you spot a grey circle with a number in it at the end of a match, that means a player has commended you on a job well done!

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