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Pokémon Unite Slowbro build, moves, and items

Become a Slowbro's best bro with our Pokémon Unite Slowbro build guide

Pokémon Unite Slowbro over an arena background

Pokémon Unite is now with us, a MOBA that puts you in 5v5 matches, so grab your buddies, fellow trainers, and get out there. You’re able to compete in standard, ten-minute rounds, or quick matches that take less than five minutes, if you’re just after some fast fun. Or, if you have a competitive streak, you can climb classes through ranked matches. Of course, no Pokémon game would be complete without the creatures themselves, and Unite already has an impressive roster.

In our Pokémon Unite Slowbro build, we aim to help you get the most out of this tank by giving our recommendations on his moves, and what items suit the Pokémon best. As for its role on the battlefield, Slowbro is a defender, meaning one of its primary aims is to stop the enemy from scoring. But, of course, this doesn’t mean that the creature can’t dish out some punishment and offence of its own.

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Pokémon Unite Slowbro attack or special attack

In Pokémon Unite, Slowbro’s damage is special attack. If you want to know more about special attack, you can check out our Pokémon Unite special attack guide.

Pokémon Unite Slowbro Abilities

For our build, we chose to embrace Slowbro’s defensive capabilities, albeit with an aggressive twist. Yes, we’re using moves that have a high damage output or that are capable of immobilising the opposition. However, we also select abilities that aid teammates, or at the very least, make scoring goals that much more difficult for the enemy. Speaking of goals, Slowbro’s large HP and damaging attacks also mean it can score some points of its own.

Slowbro is a psychic Pokémon with water capabilities, so it’s not surprising to see a range of moves available that cater to different builds.

Pokemon Unite's Slowbro

Pokémon Unite Slowbro passive ability

Move name Attack type Description
Oblivious Passive Slowbro only receives a certain amount of damage from each hit, and for interrupting attacks, there’s a chance it will not receive damage from the opposition’s moves

Pokémon Unite Slowbro early game abilities

There are two clear paths when it comes to playing as Slowbro. You can either be a tank and withstand tons of damage, or be the one that dishes out said damage. Due to the aggressive nature of our build, we suggest choosing water gun first, as not only do you harm enemy Pokémon, but the move also has a slowing effect, leaving the opposition vulnerable to follow up attacks.

Move name Attack type Cooldown time Description
Water gun Melee Five seconds Slowbro deals damage by firing a stream of water, and a longer build up causes attack range, damage, and slowing effect to increase.
Slack off Healing 11 seconds Slowbro takes a break and has a quick kip, regaining its health in the process

Pokémon Unite Slowbro mid-game abilities

Upon reaching level four, it’s time to select a replacement for water gun, and there are two options to consider – scald and surf. This is part of what makes Slowbro unique because both of these attacks are worth using. However, given our preference for aggression, especially since Slowbro can take a hit, we suggest choosing scald which causes AOE damage and has a considerably shorter recharge time. However, surf can be good for crowd control.

Move name Attack type Cooldown time Description
Scald Melee Five seconds Slowbro unleashes a stream of scalding water, causing AOE damage, as well as lowering the movement speed and attack of the enemy
Surf Dash Nine seconds Ride the waves to victory, Slowbro surges forward dealing damage to opposing Pokémon, as well as knocking them back

Pokémon Unite Slowbro Amnesia or Telekinesis – late-game abilities

Now it’s time to replace slack off, the healing capability that has likely kept you alive thus far – annoying the opposition each time they think you’re down and out, only for Slowbro to take the ultimate power nap. Now then, it once again comes down to your playstyle. For our build, we opt for telekinesis. You no longer regenerate health, but you do sweep the oppositions off their feet – literally. By levitating enemy Pokémon and pulling them towards you, not only can you prevent them from running or scoring, but you also leave them vulnerable to your teammates.

Move name Attack type Cooldown time Description
Amnesia Healing 12 seconds Slowbro regains some health, and enters a state where its defences increase, as well as becoming immune to status effects
Telekinesis Displacement 12 seconds Slowbro levitates opposing Pokémon, moving them towards it.

Pokémon Unite Slowbro end game abilities

Slowbro’s Unite move is slowbeam. This attack is two-fold. The positive is that it freezes all of the enemy Pokémon around you, but at the cost of making yourself stuck, which leaves you vulnerable. However, this can turn the tide of battle, and it can most certainly help as the last line of defence against a team that looks to score big numbers.

Move name Attack type Cooldown time Description
Slowbeam Unstoppable Level dependent This move renders everyone, including you, immobile. However, should teammates be around, it leaves the opposition very vulnerable

Pokemon Unite's Slowbro using telekenisis

Pokémon Unite Slowbro best held items

Pokémon can hold up to three items, and there’s quite a selection to choose from. However, we recommend further increasing Slowbro’s health with these items below.

  • Rocky helmet

Slowbro can already take a bit of damage, but why not make a tank Pokémon even more of a powerhouse. Oh, and not only does a rocky helmet grant a HP boost, but it also reflects damage at the opposing Pokémon.

  • Focus band

Come on, Slowbro, focus! By equipping your Pokémon with this item, you’re increasing its defence, special defence, and the amount of HP it recovers after dropping below a certain percentage.

  • Buddy barrier

As we mention above, Slowbro’s Unite ability leaves it vulnerable to attack, should the opposition close in on him if they manage to avoid his attack. However, this is where friends come in, and the buddy barrier grants both you and your lowest-HP ally a defence barrier, helping to keep you in the fight that bit longer.

  • Aeos cookie

Who doesn’t love a cookie? Especially when it’s good for your health. Give Slowbro the Aeos cookie, and its max HP increases each time it scores a goal.

Slowbro attack Crustle in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite Slowbro best battle item

  • Eject button

Now you see Slowbro, and now you don’t. The eject button allows you to teleport to another location on the map, aiding you to escape a potential onslaught by the opposition. Of course, Slowbro can heal itself, but fleeing is the best option if it’s a three on one scenario.

  • Full heal

Being a defender is tough, especially since you’re likely to be taking a lot of damage. So, be sure to pop a full heal in between battles to keep your guard up.

Who does Pokémon Unite’s Slowbro work well with?

  • Cramorant

This bird hits like a freight train, so when you combine that with Slowbro’s ability to immobilise its opponents, victory is surely yours.

There you have it, our Pokémon Unite Slowbro build. If you’re looking for something new to play, you can check out our picks for the best Switch RPGs here.