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Poppy Playtime Lego - does it exist?

If you are on the hunt for Poppy Playtime Lego then we have all the answers. Find out if there are blocks based on the terrifying game in our guide.

Poppy Playtime Lego: a fan set imagines a Lego version of the game Poppy Playtime statues

Kids are crying out for Poppy Playtime Lego. The smash hit children’s game Poppy Playtime is all the rage with kids all over the world enjoying spooks and jumps from the Poppy crew, and so eager fans of all ages are desperate to know if Lego is set to immortalize the horror series in those ever-popular square bricks. We’re hunting for the answers in our full Poppy Playtime Lego guide.

Before we creep up on the answers and jump-scare you with the rest of this article, be sure to check out the rest of our amazing Poppy Playtime content. We have guides covering Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy, Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, Poppy Playtime Cat-Bee, Poppy Playtime player, Poppy Playtime Poppy, Poppy Playtime Candy Cat, Poppy Playtime Boxy Boo, Poppy Playtime plush, and so many more.

Let’s dive into our Poppy Playtime Lego guide.

Poppy Playtime Lego: a fan animation imagines what a Poppy Playtime Lego set might look like

Does Poppy Playtime Lego exist? 

At the time of writing, no official Poppy Playtime Lego set exists. However, the game is very popular, and Lego is always expanding its licensed properties, so it’s possible that a set might appear in the future. You can buy unofficial Poppy Playtime Lego sets from sites like Amazon, but after reading the customer reviews, we don’t recommend them. Wait for the real thing, folks.

Do fan-made Poppy Playtime Lego sets exist? 

Yes, talented fans are happy to share their Poppy Playtime Lego builds. One such set is a Poppy Playtime statues Lego set by user imokinside, which looks good enough to be real.

Can I make Poppy Playtime Lego sets with existing pieces? 

Yes, there are several amazing videos detailing how to make Poppy Playtime-themed sets with the Lego pieces you already own. Some require a bit of painting, while others just use the bricks as they are. You can find a small list of the most helpful guides below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Ten Poppy Playtime things you can make with 20 Lego pieces – by Gold Puffin

Build Huggy Wuggy and pals from some existing pieces you might already own, if you dare!

YouTube Thumbnail

How to build lego Player from poppy playtime chapter 1 – by Lego Fan profi

If you’re not up to building some of the scarier characters, you can build a pretty great version of the Poppy Playtime player for your mantle.

Alright, folks, that’s all we have on Poppy Playtime Lego for today, but check back for any official announcements soon. If you love Poppy Playtime, then be sure to also check out our great guides covering Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 and Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.