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Black Clover M tier list

Use our Black Clover M tier list to get ahead of the meta in this upcoming shonen anime fighting game and build the strongest team of wizards out there.

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We’re here to prep you on all the strongest wizards with our Black Clover M tier list We’ve separated them into their different elements so you can build a strong and balanced team to take on the Clover Kingdom’s various foes.

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Let’s get into our Black Clover M tier list.

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Black Clover M Power tier list

Tier Black Clover M characters
S Asta (Clover Academy), Charlotte Roselei
A Sally, Yami Sukehiro
B Charmy Halloween, Finral Roulacase, Fuegoleon [Clover Academy], Leopold Vermillion, Mimosa Vermillion, Vetto
C Asta, Magna Swing, Noelle Silva, Shiren Tium, Theresa
D Baro, Geork, Lily, Neige

Black Clover M Sense tier list

Tier Black Clover M characters
S Rades Spirito, Rill Boismortier
A Licht, Rhya
B Nebra Silva, Valtos, Yuno
C Fuegoleon Vermillion, Vanessa Enoteca
D Alecdora Sandler, Catherine, Klaus Lunettes, Marx Francois

Black Clover M Technique tier list

Tier Black Clover M characters
S Fana, Lotus Whomalt, Mars, William Vangeance
A Kahono, Nozel Silva, Yami [Clover Academy]
B Charmy Pappitson, Noelle Halloween, Sol Marron
C Heath Grice, Jack the Ripper, Luck Voltia, Sekke Bronzazza, Solid Silva
D Gauche Adlai, Gordon Agrippa, Revchi Salik, Salim de Hapshass

Black Clover M tier list: A birthday image of Gauche from Black Clover

How do we rank characters in our Black Clover M tier list?

Members of the Pocket Tactics team actively play Black Clover M, choose the characters they like to play as the most, and check how good their stats are. We also scour the internet for the general fan consensus to make sure we don’t have any bias.

We believe tier lists are somewhat subjective, and you can often get through gacha games by just using your favorite characters. So get out there, choose your favs, and have fun!

How do I perform a Black Clover M reroll?

If you don’t get the characters you want in Black Clover M, you can perform a reroll. It’s worth noting that it takes about an hour per reroll, so only do this if you’re sure you want to go through the process again. Here are the Black Clover M reroll instructions:

  1. Login to the game with a guest account
  2. Play through the tutorial, complete the bear stage in the forest, and return to the town. You’ll notice summoning is now unlocked
  3. Perform your fixed ten-pull and receive ten free summon tickets from your in-game mail
  4. Clear Chapter 1 Episode 5 to obtain the pre-registration rewards
  5. Clear Chapter 1 Episode 11 to unlock the ‘Infinite Reroll Banner’. You can then roll for characters
  6. If you get who you want, link your account and continue playing. If not, head to the settings and find the delete account button to start again.

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