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Rainbow Friends plush and action figures - all the frightening friends

If you’re looking for Rainbow Friends plush toys or action figures, we’ve found the best and most terrifying out there and put them in one jumpscare free list

Assorted Rainbow Friends plush toys including the Blue Rainbow Friend and Red in their lab coat

Taking inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime, and other terrifying titles with creepy creatures, Rainbow Friends plush toys might be the last thing some would want to know is in their room. Still, not everyone, and it looks like some actually feel more comfortable with a cuddle from Blue, complete with crown, or cosying into Purple’s outstretched palms.

So, we’ve put together this Rainbow Friends plush guide, pointing out all the places you can pick up Purple, Blue, and the rest of the terrifying gang from the iconic Roblox experience. There’s also Rainbow Friends action figures if you’re looking for a slightly more durable nightmare monster to show off your love for one of Roblox’s most frightening experiences.

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All Rainbow Friends plush toys

We’ve split up our Rainbow Friends plush guide into each character across the nightmarish roster. If you’re looking for a specific colour, check out the links below.

Rainbow Friends Blue plush

If you want to get your very own Blue Rainbow Friend, complete with hanging tongue and golden crown, there’s more than a few options for adding one to your collection.

If you love Blue’s crown but want a slightly different shade of Rainbow Friend, you’re in luck! There’s a bunch of alternative palette pals to keep the original Blue company, and you can check them out below.

Rainbow Friends Purple plush

Purple is frightening enough in its full form, but nothing gets the fear going quite like when you first see its awful hands emerge from a vent. Now, you can keep that moment forever in your room with this vent-themed Purple Rainbow Friends plush. Just don’t blame us for the nightmares.

If you’re looking for the plain old Purple friend, don’t worry, you can find that too. Just don’t look into those big black eyes, you might find yourself lost in them.

Rainbow Friends Green plush

The long-limbed nightmare that is the Green Rainbow Friend is also available in plush form should you want to wake up next to a nightmarish creature every morning.

Rainbow Friends Red plush

Red is the only truly harmless Rainbow Friend, so I can understand why you might want them close when compared to the others. Better still, Red arrives in their classic lab coat, looking distinctly more intelligent than the other Rainbow Friends, and a little bit more cuddly too.

Rainbow Friends Orange plush

With its gator like jaw, the Orange Rainbow Friend plush looks like it’s waiting to take a bite out of you. Fortunately, the thing doesn’t clamp down with its sharp teeth – in fact, it’s sharp teeth are floppy felt things – so it’s suitable for your creepy sleepovers.

Rainbow Friends action figures

If you’re looking for something a little more heavy-duty than the Rainbow Friends plush toys on offer, then you’re in luck. There’s also a generous range of Rainbow Friends action figures, each with apposable limbs to make them that little bit more terrifying.

There you have it, all the Rainbow Friends plush toys you can add to your collection. For more frightening surprises, see our FNAF jumpscares guide.