Rainbow Friends – how to play, characters, jumpscares, and more

If you’re looking for all the Roblox Rainbow Friends game monsters, we've sought out the crazy characters at the amusement park and where to find them

Screenshot from Roblox Rainbow Friends game with Blue waving

Rainbow Friends is a Roblox horror experience that joins games like Piggy, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime, and others, in taking something seemingly nice and friendly and turning it into a terrifying nightmare. It’s a popular formula too, with nearly 100 million visits accounted for by the frightening friends, proving to be one of the more unique titles Roblox has on offer.

Just like the games from the FNAF series, Roblox’s Rainbow Friends takes place over the course of five nights, with each evening consisting of a special task or challenge you must complete while avoiding the multicoloured monstrosities. Of course, the price you pay for failing any of these tasks is high, especially considering you play as just a kid on a field trip, but there is a way to make it through the week. 

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What is Rainbow Friends?

In Rainbow Friends, you play as an unnamed child who has been kidnapped during a school trip to an amusement park called Odd World. From the moment of your capture, you must survive five nights in the strange location that’s entirely empty of life except for you and the Rainbow Friends (if you can call them life). 

The Blue Rainbow Friend chasing after the player in a living room type area

The game is similar to later FNAF titles, as well as popular Slenderman-like horror experiences in which you have to complete small quests inside of a map filled with nightmare-fuel characters. As you would expect, that means Rainbow Friends is teeming with jumpscares, and the developer regularly adds new ways of frightening yourself as you try and escape from Odd World.

How do I play Rainbow Friends? 

You can play Rainbow Friends by clicking the link to head over to the official Roblox page. All you need to do then is hit play and ready your nerves for the horrors ahead. 

Rainbow Friends characters

Here’s a quick rundown on each of the Rainbow Friends monsters you might encounter.

One of the Rainbow Friends characters, Blue, chasing the player

Blue Rainbow Friend

Blue is the most threatening of all the Rainbow Friends as they’re always patrolling the area looking for lost children. The only way to avoid Blue is by hiding in a box or a locker. 

The Orange Rainbow Friend with it's jaw half closed before opening up wide to kill the character

Orange Rainbow Friend

You need to consistently feed Orange to keep them from coming out to play, but be sure not to feed them twice or they’ll soon emerge. Fortunately, an orange line appears to show where Orange will walk when patrolling, so you can quickly hide if you see that they’re coming around soon. 

The Green Rainbow Friend with it's tongue out hungry for children

Green Rainbow Friend

Green is one of the trickier Rainbow Friends as they‘re always on patrol, however, they’re also blind, so avoiding this beast is all about making as little noise as possible. Green can also find you if you’re hiding, so be sure to not make a single movement if you’re trying to avoid them capturing you. 

The Purple Rainbow Friend emerging from the vents under Odd World

Purple Rainbow Friend

You only need to worry about Purple if you’re in the vents, but if you are in the vents, then you really need to worry about Purple. The only way of gauging whether or not Purple is in a specific vent is that when they travel through them they leave a small pool of water underneath the vent, so if you see this, it’s best to stay clear for the time being. 

Screenshot of the Red Rainbow Friends character in a lab coat at the end of the game

Red Rainbow Friend

You don’t have to worry about Red, at least not in the current version of Rainbow Friends, as they’re harmless. You won’t see much of Red, at least not until much later in the game, but of all the Rainbow Friends characters, they’re probably the one you most want to bump into.

Rainbow Friends jumpscares

If you want to save yourself the hassle of working your way around Odd World and its terrifying inhabitants, legions of YouTubers have already found all the Rainbow Friends jumpscares, with multiple compilations available. We’ve put our favourite, with all the current available Jumpscares included, below for you to watch at your leisure. 

YouTube Thumbnail

There you have it, all you need to know about Roblox’s Rainbow Friends horror experience. For more trending titles, check out our picks of the best Roblox discover games.