Roblox Doors Figure guide

The Roblox Doors Figure is one of several creepy antagonists in the haunted hotel-themed Roblox game, and we’re explaining it with this full guide.

Roblox Doors Figure: the Roblox Doors character figure appears against a yellow background . Figure is a tall humanoid with a large mouth for a head, but no eyes

With characters like the Roblox Doors Figure, I have to say I’d hate to stay in this hotel. In a place chock full of gruesome guests, this lanky apparition is one of the most terrifying, and players everywhere are keen to best it. So, if you’re on a mission to check out of the hotel early, and want to learn about, avoid, or defeat the Roblox Doors Figure, our guide is here to help.

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Let’s creep down the hallways of our Roblox Doors Figure guide.

What is the Roblox Doors Figure?

The Roblox Doors Figure is an evil enemy from the Roblox game Doors. It’s a tall humanoid with long limbs, flayed skin, and a large round mouth for a head. It doesn’t have eyes – instead, its entire head consists of its huge mouth and rings of teeth, much like Dune’s sandworm.

When does Roblox Doors’ Figure appear?

Figure appears on floor 50, and later at floor 100. Floor 50 is the library, and is the first unique floor you encounter, while floor 100 is the warehouse, and is the last level of the game.

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How do I defeat Roblox Doors Figure at door 50?

As we mentioned above, figure doesn’t have any eyes, so you can sneak past the enemy using very slow movement to avoid making a sound. However, keep in mind that if you get close enough to Figure you automatically die, so even if you’re being completely silent, it’s better to run if you can make your way out than to sneak right next to it.

In the library, you need to solve a lock puzzle to make your way to the next floor. This involves finding several different-coloured books and hiding when Figure gets to close. If you’re within Figure’s eyeline when hiding, it attacks you, and you must complete a quick-time event to escape.

Keep doing this until you manage to grab all the books, as each book contains a part of the code you need to open the lock. Finally, recover the note on the desk, and use the information on the screen along with the books to open the lock. If you can avoid Figure while doing all this, you are set to escape floor 50!

How do I defeat Roblox Doors Figure at door 100?

The warehouse of door 100 is much like the library from door 50, only instead of collecting books, you’re now collecting switches to restore the power to the elevator. To begin this quest, open the large doors at one end of the room to unleash Figure, and then continue to move slowly and quietly to avoid it. Gather the ten switches, making sure to hide when you have to, and repeat the QTE if Figure finds you.

Once you have all ten switches, open the lock to the room containing the elevator controls at the end of the warehouse, and put all ten switches in. This starts the final mini-game, and you must follow the numbers on the display of the hotel controls, and press the power button to the corresponding switches. Once you complete the switch mini-game, the elevator is now active. Run through the warehouse the way you came, up the stairs to the right, and into the open elevator to complete this floor.

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