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The Mimic books, jumpscares, and more

Roblox’s The Mimic is one of the best horror experiences that the platform has to offer, so let’s take a look at its books, jumpscares, how to play, and more.

The Mimic key art showing a tormented soul in front of buildings

Roblox’s The Mimic is a more terrifying experience than I expected, and I’m someone who puts on a horror movie to cheer myself up after a long day. I’d go so far as to say that it’s easily one of the best survival games on the platform, rivaling even that of Rainbow Friends, though that is spooky for different reasons. What makes The Mimic a horror powerhouse is its Japanese roots, embracing the history and urban legends of Japan, weaving four unique stories with different casts.

We already mentioned how Rainbow Friends is another good choice if you’re after different Roblox horror games, but you should also check out Roblox’s Piggy – we don’t know if it’ll scare you, but you certainly won’t look at Peppa Pig the same way again. If you want to move away from Roblox, our list of the best horror games on Switch and mobile features a range of games from a mix of sub-genres.

Right, let’s jump head first into everything we know about Roblox’s The Mimic.

The Mimic: A Woman in white walking forwards

What is The Mimic?

The Mimic is a horror game on Roblox. There are currently two different books depicting separate stories with diverse casts of characters. Though the developer is yet to release the later chapters, The Mimic is to have at least four books for players to enjoy before the team calls it a day. Each book takes place in Japan, with influence from varying Japanese urban legends, meaning you can come up against some truly terrifying opponents.

If we had to compare it to other games out there, we’d say Obscura is a good one as you play as multiple different characters. However, unlike Obscura or even the likes of Until Dawn, the stories and characters on offer in The Mimic are completely separate from each other. Then again, there are still two books to go, so who knows? They might all come together in an overarching narrative during its conclusion.

How do I play The Mimic?

The Mimic is only available on Roblox, so you need to head there and search for the game in order to play it. Once you find it, go the game page and launch it. That’s all you need to do. Good luck, who knows what horrors await you – well, I do, and I repeat, good luck.

f you head to its game page on Roblox and hit play. Once you do that, you need to prepare yourself for the horrors that lurk within. You can choose which book you want to open and don’t worry, there’s no right answer – they’re both scary.

The Mimic: A demon posed as a woman with knives for finger nails

What are The Mimic books?

As we mentioned, so far, there are only two books; the first is complete with four chapters, while the second is only on chapter three, which is chapter seven overall. Chapter eight is currently in the works. As soon as we have details on the third and fourth books, Rebirth and Rage, we’ll be sure to give you a rundown on each of them.

Each book features one of The Four Beasts, beings that rampaged across Earth unleashing untold evils until an unsung hero managed to defeat them and lock them away in different parts of the world. Each has a different agenda and powers for you to watch out for when braving the books.


The first book is Control, and it places you in the shoes of Yasu Masashige, a former high school student who has little choice but to return to his old school when his friends go missing. As you can probably guess, they didn’t come back here for old time’s sake; there’s something a lot more malevolent at play, as Yasu soon finds out.

As if the school isn’t terrifying enough, braving its halls leads you into an unknown dimension, where Yasu meets a demonic entity, one that has caused great misfortune to Yasu’s family after cursing them and trust us when we say, you’re going to wish you hadn’t met this evil beast. If you’re familiar with the slit-mouthed woman, you might see a bit of her influence in the design of the primary antagonist of Control, as Kintoru is a tall woman with long nails that serve as knives while she wears a menacing look on her face.

You can expect to have to deal with her from chapter two and beyond in Control, and she’s not alone in trying to kill you, for she has recruited members of Yasu’s family, turning them into puppets. We won’t say any more so as not to spoil what actually happens in Control.

The Mimic Control characters

The following is the cast of characters who appear in Control:

  • Yasu Masashige – Yasu is the main protagonist of Control, the poor soul who returns to his old school after his friends go missing. In terms of personality, Yasu is courageous and determined, desperate to save his loved ones, even at the risk of his own life.
  • Sama  – also known as Kintoru, Sama is the main antagonist of the Control book, making her one of the four beasts in The Mimic. she’s responsible for the curse that befalls Yasu’s family and is the one who torments him. Unsurprisingly, she has a less-than-stellar personality, wishing (and enforcing) pain and suffering upon her victims. She’s manipulative, being able to convince people she’s kind and caring, only for her to stab them in the back and assert control over them
  • Hiachi – the story surrounding Hiachi is quite sad, and we even feel sympathy for her despite her being on the more villainous side thanks to Kintoru. You see, she’s a young girl who accidentally meets and frees the beast, who promised her a better life, only to inflict a curse upon Hiachi and turn her into a puppet.
  • Shizu – one of the minor antagonists of the chapter, Shizu attempts to capture Yasu throughout Control’s book. Luckily, she gets the rest she deserves after you beat Sama.
  • Biwaki – Biwaki is yet another poor young girl who finds herself under the control of Sama. Yes, that makes her one of the antagonists of the book, so you’d best get used to this spooky puppet chasing you down.
  • Kuriko – allow us to introduce you to the final monster Yasu encounters on his journey. Kuriko is terrifying and relentless in her pursuit of you.
  • Tokito – there’s not much to say about Tokito, except that this monster is a doll that appears in the Bloody Swamp in Chapter IV of Control. It’s pretty creepy, so best of luck if you encounter it.
  • Kaito – this villain is a minor antagonist in Chapter III, and he’s the father of Mihari and Biwaki while also being the husband of Niko. Just like the rest of his family, he’s unfortunately fallen victim to the curse, becoming a puppet of Kintoru.
  • Megumi – an enemy that you encounter in Chapter III, not a great deal is known about Megumi except for the fact that she adopted Kuriko before Kintoru cursed her
  • Kusonoki Masashige – one of the deuteragonists from The Mimic, Kusonoki Masashige is one of the people who sealed the four beasts away, meaning he’s responsible for a great deal of the unfolding story. In case the surname doesn’t give it away, he’s Yasu’s ancestor
  • Evil God – we can’t say too much about Evil God except that he’s the creator of the four beasts, making him the overarching villain of The Mimic
  • Mihari – one of the secondary antagonists in Chapter III, Mihari is the oldest daughter of Kaito and Niko, making her the sister of Biwaki. Like the rest of her family, she suffers from Kintoru’s curse
  • Keiko Masashige – this is a very interesting character as Keiko isn’t always under the influence of Kintoru, for the mother of Yasu is actually the protagonist of The Witch Trials, the prequel to The Mimic. She is cursed by Kintoru when searching for her husband, Daku
  • Daku Masashige – one of Kintoru’s puppets, Daku is Yasu’s father who falls victim to the curse while searching his son’s school
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The second book in The Mimic is Jealousy, and you take control of Isamu Uchiumi, a man in turmoil at the loss of his older brother, Senzai Uvhiumi. His death is untimely, to say the least, and Isamu heads to the mortuary in search of answers as to what possibly caused his brother to pass away. Needless to say, he gets a lot more than he bargained for when the big bad of Jealousy, the Umibozu, forces him into an alternate dimension.

Jealousy is currently on chapter three, so the story is still unfolding, meaning we can’t spoil how it ends even if we want to. So let’s take a second to look at the Umibozu instead. In Japanese mythology, the Umibozu are the spirits of priests. More specifically, drowned priests. Only if a man of the cloth meets a watery death can their spirit go on in anguish, turning them into an Umibozu.


While we can’t tell you much about Rebirth, we can say who the main antagonist of the chapter is. Yuma is the third of The Four Beasts, and while we don’t know much about her personality, it feels safe to assume that she’s just as evil as Kintoru and the Umibozu.


In a similar manner to that of Rebirth, we can’t tell you anything about the story, but we can reveal that the main antagonist is Netamo, the most violent and powerful of The Four Beasts.

The Mimic jumpscares

As with any horror game worth its salt, The Mimic features a range of jumpscares, and we’re sorry to say that you’re likely to encounter each of them as you play the game. Death is coming for you in The Mimic, and unless you know the layout of the map in each level, your chances of outrunning those ghoulish spirits on your first attempt are mighty low. If you ask us, the jumpscares are part of what makes The Mimic enjoyable, but if you want to have a little heads up on what to expect, you can watch a video below that involves all of the current jumpscares.

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Does The Mimic have a sequel?

No, The Mimic doesn’t have a sequel, though perhaps it will get one when the game is eventually completed. However, there is a spin-off game in the works called Yōkai, and it is due to arrive some time in 2024. Gameplay wise, fans of Dead by Daylight and Piggy can rejoice as you find yourself in a fight for survival against a ghastly killer.

With that, you know all you need to know about Roblox’s The Mimic. What do you think? Are you brave enough to explore the horrors? If the answer is no, that’s okay. We have a list of the best Roblox games, and it’s full of things that are about as scary as a fluffy puppy jumping in the snow.