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Rocket League Hot Wheels collaboration guide

The Rocket League Hot Wheels collaboration goes both ways, so there are in-game Hot Wheels cars and real-world Rocket League play-sets

Rocket LEague Hot Wheels- a blue car with larger rear wheels and large spoiler with white stripes down it's middle, kinda like a dune buggy, on a mango-yellow background.

Rocket League’s Hot Wheels collaboration could be similarly described as Hot Wheels’ Rocket League collaboration, with both iconic car-based toy-games sharing their various creations for real-life sets and in-game skins respectively.

So, head below to see all the different items available thanks to the collab, then stay on Pocket Tactics for even more. We’ve got guides to the Rocket League logo, Rocket League’s best car, and Rocket League wallpapers for all you car football obsessives.

Anyway, let’s start those engines.

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Rocket League Hot Wheels in-game skins

There are various in-game Hot Wheels cars:

  • Twin Mill III
  • Bone Shaker
  • Gazella GT
  • MR11
  • Fast 4WD

Alongside this, many free items such as antennas and toppers are available. These five cars, alongside countless other items, make up all the Rocket League Hot Wheels collab items.

Rocket League Hot Wheels toys

Perhaps more excitingly, Hot Wheels recreated many real-life die-cast Rocket League cars. The five cars listed above came out in 2019 in a five-pack bundle. Meanwhile, Hot Wheels also produced the classic Rocket League Octane car, which you can see above.

That’s all the Rocket League Hot Wheels crossover items. For more, check out our Rocket League cars, Rocket League MMR, and Rocket League trading guides.