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Skyrim Raven Rock guide

If Skyrim’s Raven Rock is the next destination on your playthrough of this iconic action RPG, we’ve got the only guide you need to make it your new home.

Screenshot of a snoy Skyrim Raven Rock scene with the port and town in view

In the Dragonborn DLC, Skyrim’s Raven Rock is the first port of call, with the small village acting as the capital of the small island of Solstheim. Still, it can be hard to know what to do when you arrive in a new place, so let us act as the Raven Rock tourism board, and direct you on your first trip out to the island.

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What is Skyrim’s Raven Rock?

As we mentioned in the intro, Raven Rock is the first place you touch down as part of the Dragonborn DLC quest and is the capital of Solstheim. It’s full of characters, quests, places to see, and acts as a sort of hub to all the plot that unravels during your time on the island.

Raven Rock is also home to Severin Manor, one of the many Skyrim houses you can call your own, providing you complete the Served Cold quest. You can pick this mission up after completing the March of the Dead side quest – also available in Raven Rock – by talking to Adril Arano in the village. It’s one of the free homes you can take for your own during the game, and is well worth doing to make sure that you have a base on the island.

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Skyrim Raven Rock mine

The Skyrim Raven Rock mine is one of the most lucrative across the region, with multiple ebony ore veins available to crack away at. However, you first need to complete a couple of missions involving the mine, those being The Final Descent and An Axe To Find. Once these are complete, and the place is free of those pesky draugr, the ore becomes mineable, and you can pick up a decent amount to turn into fine armour.

An Axe To Find is an especially important quest out of Raven Rock as it gives you the ancient nordic pickaxe, the only mining tool in the game that can collect the rare stalhrim ore. If you’re an active smither, you’re going to want to get this quest out of the way as early as possible, so hunt down Glover Mallory, the Raven Rock blacksmith, to start this quest as soon as you reach the island.

The other Raven Rock mine quest, The Final Descent, is less crucial than An Axe to Find but is still worth playing through, especially if you’re a two-handed specialist. This classic clear-the-dungeon style mission offers a unique weapon, the Bloodskal Blade, and the only requirement for starting the quest is simply walking into the mine and overhearing a conversation.

Screenshot outside of Raven Rock mine with a smelter smoking away

Skyrim Raven Rock quests

Outside of the Skyrim Raven Rock mine quests, there’s plenty to get up to in the coastal capital. As each mission in Skyrim essentially gives you a walkthrough via the quest menu, we’ve just put together a list of each of the available quests, so you can make sure you complete all of the trials that Raven Rock holds.

Skyrim Raven Rock quest Location Quest giver Requirements
Black Book: The Winds of Change Raven Rock mine N/A Need to have begun The Final descent quest
The Final Descent Raven Rock mine Crescius Caerellius Enter Raven Rock mine
March of the Dead Old Attius farm  Captain Veleth Kill the ash spawn at Old Attius Farm 
A New Debt  N/A (Mogrul finds you)  Mogrul Need to have finished A Reluctant Steward in Tel Mithryn
Served Cold  N/A (Captain Veleth sends for you)  Captain Veleth Need to have finished both The Final Descent and March of the Dead

There are also a few miscellaneous quests you can pick up simply by talking to the locals and finding out what they might need help with. Blacksmith Glover Mallory has a couple of fetch requests, everyone’s favourite type of quest, with great rewards, with other novelty missions like Geldis Sadri’s tasting sessions offering some light relief from all the dungeon crawling.

Skyrim Raven Rock enchanting table

If you’re trying to make some magic during your time in Raven Rock, there are plenty of options for an enchanting table to head to. Of course, if you own the Severin Manor, there’s a workstation there for you to get enchanting, but if not, you can head over to either Morvayn’s house or Raven Rock mine to find another.

There you have it, all you need to know about Skyrim’s Raven Rock. For another blast from the past, catch up with more than 900 monsters courtesy of our complete Pokédex.