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Snowbreak tier list July 2024

Here’s our Snowbreak tier list so you can see where your units rank, and a handy reroll guide if you want to restart to get new pulls.

Snowbreak tier list: two characters holding hands in front of a large building

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a new-fangled sci-fi RPG shooter filled with all manner of playable characters. Our Snowbreak tier list is here to help you pick which units to focus your time into, and which are perhaps not as helpful. As always, though, it’s totally up to you who you prefer playing and what style of character suits you best.

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Here is our Snowbreak tier list.

Snowbreak tier list

Here, we’ve collected information from the community and presented the rankings for each character in Snowbreak. These are subject to change, and also subject to your own preference.

Rank Snowbreak character
S Fenny – Coronet, Yao – Winter Solstice, Acacia – Kaguya, Katya – Blue Bolt, Mauxir – Shadow Ka, Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud,
A Acacia – Redacted, Lyfe – Wild Hunt, Marian – Queen of Pain, Marian – Swift, Mauxir – Kitty, Yao – Quiet Quitter, Enya – Big Sis, Tess – The Magician
B Haru – Absconditus, Fenny – Lionheart, Fritia – Little Sunshine, Lyfe – Wednesday, Mauxir – Meow, Siris – The Goldfish, Chenxing – The Observer, Eatchel – The Cub
C Cherno – Those Two, Haru – the Ace, Nita – Hands, Fritia – Hush
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How do I perform a Snowbreak reroll?

Once you get past stage 1-9 you get a ton of rewards including pulls for characters. If you had your eye on a specific character and didn’t get them, you can follow these steps to reroll your account. However, when you first start the game, you need to create a login, so rerolling requires a new account.

  • Launch Snowbreak on your device
  • At the login screen, pick a different method of creating a login
  • You can use dummy emails for this
  • Set up this new account and play the tutorial
  • Pull for your characters and see who you got – if it’s not right again, then start at the top of these steps.

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