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Neopets dailies May 2024 - all the freebies, every day

With our guide to Neopets dailies, you can claim all the free Neopoints, items, and food you need to keep your pets happy and thriving.

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Our Neopets dailies links guide is here to help you get the most Neopoints you can every single day. Whether you’re a long-time Neopet lover or new to the nostalgic title, we’ve got all the details you need below to maximize your NP and use it to better the lives of your lovely pets. Don’t worry, there’s no need to thank us.

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So, let’s dive into our Neopets dailies guide.

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What are Neopets dailies?

Neopets dailies are once-a-day activities you can use to earn Neopoints, items, food, and more. They come in different forms, from minigames where you use your Neopets to pick up as many Neopoints as possible, or spin-the-wheel sections that offer up big rewards for the cost of your NP. So, if you’re trying to raise your little wonders into powerful pets, there’s no better way than taking advantage of Neopets dailies.

Neopets dailies – scratchcards and wheels

While some Neopets dailies are exciting minigames, there’s also a host of wheels to spin and scratchcards to scratch every day for some in-game freebies. However, scratchcards and wheels are a little different in that they don’t take a full day to refresh. Check out the table below for where and when to visit every day to secure the goods.

Neopets daily Refresh time Cost
Winter Scratchcard Kiosk Six hours 600 NP
Desert Scratchcard Kiosk Two hours 1.2k NP
Spooky Scratchcard Kiosk Four hours 500 NP
Wheel of Mediocrity 40 minutes 100 NP
Wheel of Extravagance 24 hours 100K NP
Wheel of Misfortune Two hours 150 NP
Wheel of Knowledge 24 hours 400 NP
World of Monotony 24 hours 150 NP
Wheel of Excitement Two hours 500 NP

Neopets dailies – Neopoints, food, and items

Below you can find a bunch of Neopets dailies that don’t cost a thing to do. The rewards for each of these dailies vary, from free NP to food to feed your animals, so make sure to visit these minigames every day to keep your supplies fully stocked.

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Neopets dailies – Neopoints and stat increases

If it’s stat increases you’re looking for, the Neopets dailies below can boost your pets to their full potential. There are also some Neopoints up for grabs, offering you some extra currency to take another spin of the freebie wheels.

Neopets dailies that require NP

While we love freebies, if you have some NP to spare it’s worth checking out the Neopets dailies that require NP. Below you can find a full list of all the current paid-for dailies plus the prices for each.

Neopets daily Cost
Garage Sale Cost varies
Grarrl Keno 50 NP minimum
Bagatelle 250 NP
Faerie Caverns 400 NP
Toy Repair Shop Differing NP depending on the item that needs repair
Buried Treasure 300 NP
Neopian Lottery 100 NP per ticket (20 a day)
Cork Gun Gallery 100 NP per go (20 a day)
Pick Your Own 400 NP
Poogle Racing 300 NP
Test Your Strength 100 NP
X2 or Nothing 10 NP minimum
Scorchy Slots 5 NP per go
Turdle Racing 500 NP maximum
Wishing Well 21 NP
Kiss the Mortog 50 NP
Snow Wars 100 NP
Gormball 20 NP
Lever of Doom 100 NP
Coconut Shy 100 NP per go (20 a day)
Dice-A-Roo 5 NP

Neopets daily quests

If you want to go on an adventure with your Neopets, you can check out the quests below. If any more quests arrive, and we’re always hoping they do, we’re sure to add them to our list. So, bookmark this page for all the latest Neopets dailies updates.

Neopets quest Times per day
Brain Tree quest Once
Snow Faerie Quest Ten times (in combination with Kitchen Quest and Edna’s Quest)
Kitchen Quest Ten times (in combination with Snow Faerie Quest and Edna’s Quest)
Edna’s Quest Ten times (in combination with Snow Faerie’s Quest and Kitchen Quest)
Esophagor Quest Ten times
Jhudora’s Quest Twice
Illusen’s Quest Twice

There you have it, our guide to all the Neopets dailies. For more daily freebies, check out our guides to free Monopoly Go dice, Coin Master free spins, and Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins.