Soul Knight Prequel codes February 2024

Check out all of the latest new Soul Knight Prequel codes right here and grab yourself some potions, coins, and skins to boost your characters.

Soul Knight Prequel codes: a hero facing down a giant purple robed wizard

Begin a new adventure in a pixel-art RPG, and arm yourself with these Soul Knight Prequel codes, because everyone needs a little boost now and again. There’s loot farming to be done, monsters to fight, and parties to build in Soul Knight Prequel as you head out on fantastical quests.

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Here are all the new Soul Knight Prequel codes:

  • 2024NEWYEAR – in-game rewards (new!)
  • HAPPYDAY – in-game rewards (new!)
  • THX4ALLGP–  Captain Paloma’s skin, 3x Gale Juice, 3x Housing Snapshots, 3x Bullion, Tempest Juice, and Life Juice
  • ASTHX4ALL – in-game rewards.
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How do I redeem Soul Knight Prequel codes?

It’s easy to redeem these codes in Soul Knight Prequel, but if you get stuck, follow these steps.

  • Open up Soul Knight Prequel
  • Play through the tutorial stages
  • Once you can freely move, open up the mailbox next to the Chapterhouse
  • Click the letter icon with a key on it
  • Type or paste in the codes one at a time and hit the green tick

There you go, free stuff to help you get going.

What are Soul Knight Prequel codes?

These handy Soul Knight Prequel codes can give you plenty of goodies in the game. The first code celebrates the release of the game and gives you a skin, currency, and plenty of potions. We expect all codes to grant much the same.

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